Our company was founded in 2004 by Scott Sanders to service the ever changing Technology landscape for both small businesses as well as residential clients. We take great pride in every project that we take on from start to finish. The majority of our clients have been loyal clients for years. They have stayed with our company over the big box stores due to our personal relationships which we work hard to develop. We believe this mentality combined with our extensive knowledge is what is needed to compete in todayís modern computing world.

It is a rare day when a business can get by without sending emails, printing, conducting business on the Internet or accessing vital data across networks. When any of these important components of your IT infrastructure become inoperable or worse, go down, so does your productivity. ATS technicians recognize that downtime equals the potential for lost revenue, so we react swiftly and professionally. Our technicians will work with you either via Remote Technology or On-Site if necessary. We do whatever it takes to get every job done to the clientís utmost satisfaction; whether you are one person with only a single computer or a small business with several computers. We react to your issues at hand with equal respect and responsiveness.

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One of the biggest problems our clients face are online attacks against their computer systems. These attacks commonly called viruses can virtually render your computer, or even worse, your entire network useless until they are successfully removed. We remove all types of infections from Trojan Viruses, Malware, Spyware and Worms. If you have found yourself infected, donít fear, we deal with that daily!

Most of the time if your network has been setup properly you should not experience any issues. However, things can happen that are unforeseen, like storms, a power plug getting knocked loose, or even older components wearing out. Our qualified technicians are well trained in getting to the root of the problem and getting your Wired or Wireless Network back up to speed quickly and efficiently with as little downtime as possible.

Whether you have been attacked and need your data cleaned or simply need to get all of those important emails, contacts and documents transferred over to a new computer, our qualified technicians can help.