Since 1992, Computer System Support Specialists C.S.S.S. has served the growing IT requirements of National businesses with our best quality IT Consulting Services and Support programs. Now CSSS is primarily retired and we now operate a New Jersey based Retail Sales and Service Store.

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  City Hazlet, NJ
  Zip Code 07730
  Address 3042 State Hiwy No 35
  Phone Number (732) 264-1100

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Our team provides comprehensive computer solutions for your every technical and IT need. Computer Haven technicians are CompTIA A+ / Network+ Certified and well-trained in PC repair and technical support. We can fix any Windows-based machines. If we cannot do it - No one can! When Apple will not speak to you since your Mac is over a year old an out of warranty - Come see us - we work on any Apple Desktops and Laptops. G4, G5, Intel based - no need to worry we got you covered and at a lot more cost effective price than what Apple may charge, if they'll help you at all.

We take total responsibility for the smooth running of your systems, so you don't have worry about them. We provide you with a highly effective computer maintenance and support services. Our proactive approach to computer maintenance, even when your system appears to be operating perfectly, is unique and means that the number and severity of problems you will encounter is massively reduced compared to the usual break and fix approach. We prevent things going wrong in the first place, yet we're able to respond quickly when they do, saving you time and money!

The most common (and infamous) "crypto" virus would probably CryptoLocker (Also known as "Bitlocker" or "Cryptowall") is a rather nasty bug that can encrypt all of a user's files, and demand that a ransom (usually a couple of Bitcoins or $300 to $500 payable via Moneypack) be paid within 96 hours to receive a decryption key. After that 96 hours is up, the decryption key is deleted and your files are left encrypted. Crypto Ransomware seems to be primarily spread via email attachments (a commonly reported subject line is "Payroll Report" or "Invoice").

Hi, my name is Chris, I'm calling from Microsoft. We've noticed that you have a number of errors on your computer and would like to fix them. Microsoft doesn't make it a habit of monitoring whether or not the people using their products are experiencing "errors" or other issues with their products. That would be virtually impossible given the volume of software that they sell. It's virtually unheard of for Microsoft to call their end-user customers for "quality control", or just to check up on them.

Businesses of all kinds have relied on the security and convenience of Verifone point-of-sale (POS) hardware payment terminals for more than three decades. Our ongoing POS system hardware innovation means you have more options than ever including wireless, mobile, unattended and multimedia to engage your customers. Through our focus on point-of-sale software innovation and POS software security, we enable your payments. From software for point-of-sale payment processing for small businesses through systems to enable customer engagement or enterprise wide data management, we focus on your POS software solutions needs.

There you are just cruising around the internet, checking Facebook or maybe browsing Reddit, when all of the sudden you get a pop-up message saying that something is wrong with your computer and you need to call some 1-800 number for help. Your computer seems to be frozen. Don't panic, and whatever. We all know that electronic devices + liquid = bad, but sometimes we get a little clumsy, or an over-excited child or pet comes along and OOPS! What do I do? Believe it or not, a spilling something on your laptop isn't always a death sentence.

Since 2004, Computer Haven has been assisting large and small organizations in the Tri-State area with their information technology hardware and software requirements. Offering a multitude of products, networking equipment, cable, connectors, replacement batteries as well as computer repair and data recovery services. Our primary customers are computer network engineers, cable installers, computer resellers, security consultants as well as end users in government, education, and some Fortune 1000 companies.

Our certified computer techs do a full hardware diagnostic along with multiple virus/malware scans on the hard drive to remove any trace of infection. The techs will make sure that your computer gets a extra attention to detail at Computer Haven while it is in for a virus/malware removal procedures/restorations. Our techs will also thoroughly clean the inside of your laptop or desktop - and clena out vents, fans and interiors. Computers can accumulate dust, it's totally natural and unavoidable, if it is not cleaned out it can cause all sorts of problems such as failing fans, overheating, or randomly powering off for some examples.