DP Technology's Commitment to supply CNC programmers with the most powerful CAM software ever is driven by a founding Vision of technology's potential, and an enduring Passion for excellence. ESPRIT is a high-performance, full-spectrum, computer-aided manufacturing CAM system for a complete array of machine tool applications.

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If these problems sound familiar to you, we've got four reasons why ESPRIT can make your life as a CNC programmer much easier. With powerful programming, accurate simulation, and machine-optimized G-code, ESPRIT delivers a large-scale impact driving CNC machines more efficiently and fully utilizing machine capabilities. With ESPRIT, programming is simplified and machine utilization goes up, while both setup and cycle times drop. Backed by world-class technical support, ESPRIT is the right choice for any industrial application, from job shop work to large-scale heavy equipment manufacturing.

Our flagship product, ESPRIT, is a highly adaptable CAM system that's used across industries and continents to create nearly anything - but especially complex parts. It's not just about software, though. Our robust technical support offers users a true long-term partnership and ensures they're getting the most out of ESPRIT. Our clients are mom-and-pop machine shops, multinational aerospace corporations, and everyone in between. They benefit from our innovative solutions and our world-class support services.

ESPRIT is a high-performance CAM system for CNC programming, optimization and simulation - supporting any class of CNC machinevia one common user interface and workflow. Usinga digital twin of the CNC to simplify the programming process, ESPRITdelivers edit-free G-code. Combined with ESPRIT's ability to solve workflow challenges with individually tailored automation solutions, ESPRIT is the smart manufacturing solution for any machining application. With world-class technical support, ESPRIT empowers you to get started quickly and keep your shoprunning at top efficiency.

New to MillTurn? This foundational 5-day course is for you. You'll discover the essential strategies you need to program 3- to 5-axis mills, single-channel or multi-channel lathes, Swiss-style lathes, multitasking mill-turn machines, and more. Get familiar with the ESPRIT interface so you can start generating edit-free code in your shop. If you're new to wire EDM, you'll learn key concepts in this three-day course. Discover the techniques you'll need to program 2- and 4-axis wire EDM machines, as well as incorporating a rotary table into the programming.