Service Without Compromise - Offering fast same day onsite pc repair at extremely competitive rates, we're Seattle's reliable pc repair experts! With Data Zing, you can be confident that the security and privacy of your PC data is in professional care. Data Zing Technologies offers outstanding 1 on 1 client service for a range of your end-user requirements.

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  City Seattle, WA
  Zip Code 98155
  Address 2848 Northeast 180th Pl
  Phone Number (206) 407-3353

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Thank you for taking the time to stop by! Data Zing Technologies was founded in 2001. Im just a single man operation that services many needs. During my time in the US Marine Corps, (1996-2000) my love for technology really developed. There was only a handful of guys that had computers and when something went haywire, it was very unlikely that they could afford to take it in to be serviced properly. Over time I turned into the "go-to guy" for different systems and before I knew it, Marines from different units were calling my unit to schedule me to come out and take a look at things.

Seattle's business leaders are turning to Data Zing Technologies for a wide range of solutions for today's IT problems. We offer cost effective voice and data IT services for companies of all sizes. With Data Zing, you can count on professional and reliable results. As an owner or manager of a business or home office you know only too well how a computer glitch can have a major effect on your business performance and revenues. Whether that computer is in the office or by your side when you visit customers, the time it takes to fix it could have been more profitably spent managing your business.

Whether you are a Network Admin, Desktop Support Tech, or a Home User, you will find our download page a useful and beneficial site to reference from time to time. As a professional, I got tired of hopping all over the internet to get all the downloads. I decided to compile this page for my reference and since then its been quite popular. If there is a bad link or something isnt functioning correctly, please contact us and we'll get on it. is commited to bringing you quality software and products that are practical, reputable and in high demand.

Our continued commitment to quality service, data privacy protection, and unparalleled expertise is our goal. We tailor to our customers! Unlike many large impersonal computer super-stores, we are a small company and we highly value our clientele and love repeat business and referrals- and we work for it! When you chose Data Zing for computer service, you are choosing honest and reliable service with expert results. Although situation dictates on the needs of your service, we loosely tailor our pricing on $99/First hour $60ea.

I have a feeling my PC is just not performing the way it should, what can you do about that? When I come over, I will look in several different areas of your computer and take the time to explain to you what I'm doing. It is important to perform preventive and general maintenance regularly. What if you cant fix my problem? The IT world is MASSIVE. Being only human, im not Superman (unfortunately). Naturally there are things that are beyond my capabilities. Before I start any work to bill out, I will tell you if it's something I cannot do and I will put you in contact with someone that can.

Cat.5e Networking, Fiber Optics, Stereo, Coax, and Alarm Wiring is becoming popular in many new homes. While your home is being built or remodeled, we can install all major low voltage wires and cables! We take care of every step and work closely with your General Contractor and yourself to ensure quality and enjoyable results. Today's homes have numerous means of communications within that require wiring or cabling in one fashion or another. A "Smart Home" encompasses all of these modern needs and allows the homeowner the ability to connect all sorts of technology into any jack in the house and be supplied with its related service.