I'm so pleased that you are doing this for our environment. Unlike other electronics and computer recycling firms, eRevival Computer and Electronics Recycling provides the best value for retired/obsolete computers, monitors, hardware components, networking equipment, media tapes, phone, fax and copier systems.

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  City Garfield, NJ
  Zip Code 07026
  Address 33 lincoln place
  Phone Number (732) 429-4392

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Through environmentally responsible disposal, eRevival Electronic and Computer Recycling helps you turn these liabilities into assets. Components of value are sold for reuse or recovery of raw materials. Remaining scraps are then properly recycled by permitted associate facilities- even if it costs eRevival LLC to do it. Items of environmental concern include batteries, soldered circuit boards, cathode ray tubes and mercury wetted switches.

All recycling at eRevival Electronics and Computer Recycling is in compliance with all Federal, State, County and Local Electronics and Computer Recycling laws. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 electronic or computer equipments, eRevival Electronis and Computer Recycling will send our experienced team of removal specialists with all the tools needed to palletize, remove and transport your computer and electronics equipment. When material to be recycled is back at one of our electronics and computer recycling facilities, it will be inventoried, and all company identification and/or sensitive information will be removed and destroyed.

Every citizen of this earth had a duty, and that is to preserve the nature and environment for generation to come. Computer, CRT, and other electronics have lead, mercury, and other toxic material, now if one discards this in the city garbage pickup this ends up in landfill, which in turn pollutes the environment. So please help us keep the environment clean. Also, it is against the NJ Electronics and Computer Recycling law for a business to dump computers and electronic equipments in garbage, your company will be liable for that.