On-Site Computer Support for your home or office. We setup and repair Computers, Laptops, Routers, Wireless Routers, and can assist you with your Internet Devices such as Security Cameras, Printers, Hard Drives, Music Libraries, and more. NEVER trust a GEEK with your important pictures and information.

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  Person Geek Busters
  City Bogota, NJ
  Zip Code 07603
  Address 24 East Fort Lee Road
  Phone Number (201) 777-9037

From Our Website

Many "Geek" Services do not properly screen their employees. At Geek-Busters, we thourghly screen our employees and have strick service agreements in place to protect you and your privacy. They are commision based sales people. At Geek-Busters, we don't sell anything so you can count that our advice will be with your best interests in mind. Although they're very smart, our technicians are trained Customer Care representatives. You will never recieve the "IT Know it All" Additude. Our trained and experienced staff can get you off and running by providing you with Fast, Reliable, & Affordable Customer Support.

Serious virus issues. Many pop ups, poor performance, Customer paid $50 for an advertised anti-virus program that made things worse. Removed over 100 virus files and cleaned up over 2500 spyware issues. Closed all security holes opened by the original virus. Removed all unnecessary software. Installed software to help avoid dangerous sites and installed new protection software. They were having various troubles keeping there computers working properly. They had issues printing over here, accessing the internet over there, keeping up with updates, virus and spyware issues.