AVMAP G5 Car Navigator GPS - Includes free cable for connecting directly to Kenwood TM-D700A or TH-D7AG for APRS. IN STOCK NOW Built for the great outdoorsWith a perfect balance between cost and performance, the IC-7200 will open the doo. Great condition, ANR works well. We like better than Bose Aviation X!. We appreciate your feedback, as it assists us to suit your requirements.

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  City Huntsville, AL
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  Address 1426 Paramount Driv # B
  Phone Number (256) 535-4442

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All computers are not used for the same purpose. At GigaParts, we deliver purpose-built solutions for diverse purposes. Our unified, end-to-end processes ensure that your requirements are translated into an innovative, high-quality custom computer solution that is optimized to meet your distinct needs and that surpasses your specifications - from platform stability to reliable performance in demanding environments.

Running a successful business is hard enough without keeping up with the latest security threats and dealing with software problems and network catastrophes. Let GigaParts manage your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your customers! GigaParts has been North Alabama's largest computer store and has been supporting small and medium businesses in the southeast since 1998. Our skilled technicians are professional, courteous and considerate. We go to extraordinary lengths to keep your business running, your data secure and your expenses down.

Whether your business has 200 computers or just 2, networking is not something you can trust with just anyone. Reliability, security and compliance issues plague nearly every small and medium-sized business that relies on its own employees or IT "professionals" that agree to help out in the evenings, after their day job. GigaParts is North Alabama's largest computer store and has been a trusted name in the networking industry since 1998.

Build loyalty, create brand awareness, enrich customer experiences and drive bottom-line results with digital signage. Attracting customer attention and promoting your services and solutions is an age-old challenge for businesses of any type. The numerous benefits over traditional advertising make digital signage an ideal investment for any business. Give your business a sophisticated look and share up-to-date information without resorting to mass e-mail or having to hand-edit files or slideshows on multiple machines.

Viruses, trojan horses, spyware and a seemingly numberless host of other malicious software threaten every computer connected to the Internet. An infection can slow down your computer and threaten your important data. GigaParts' Technicians are experienced in cleaning these malicious software pests from your computer and protecting your data and privacy. So, whether your PC is just running slow or filling your screen with security pop-up messages, let GigaParts make your PC safe and put you back in control.

If you are concerned about your property and business when you aren't there, let GigaParts design and install a video surveillance system that allows you to keep an eye on things from your mobile device and review recordings of past events.

Your data is important. From family pictures to critical business information, we store more and more of our lives on our computers. Nothing is worse than switching on your PC and finding that none of your data is available. Whether due to a hardware failure or even a malicious software attack, losing your data is no joke. Let GigaParts help. Using advanced tools, we can find and recover your lost files and can even help you setup an automatic backup system to protect your data from future threats.

Our team of dedicated Technology Advisors are ready to assist you with any of your agency's IT or communications needs. We have been doing business with state, local and federal agencies since 1998 and pride ourselves in understanding the unique needs associated with government procurement including offering the best possible value.