I have been working on computers for over 10 years now. I have seen alot of changes in technology and the needs of the consumer. With new technology comes new headaches amd new challenges. It also brings new solutions to the table. At this particular time i see the best way to secure your data is a "usb" external hard drive. Right now you can pick up a "terrabyte" drive for under 200 dollars if you shop around. This can be one of your best investments. With virtually unlimited backup space you can store all of your essential data in a secure location at the click of a button. What most people dont know is that you can do regular backups of your operating system with vista and window 7 right on to your backup terrabyte drive. saving you valuable disk space as these backups can be very space consuming. The best method i can recommend is to set up a weekly back of your "OS" on to one of these drives. i set mine to go automatically at 2am every wednesday and i make sure to remember to simply leave my computer on all night tuesday night when i go to bed.

Another great way to keep your pc running smoothly is to schedule weekly virus scans and "defragments". As i mentioned above the trick it to let it to the work while you sleep, after a while i wont even notice. So here is what i do at home. i schedule my virus scan software (avg) to run automatically wednesday at 12am midnight then i schedule a "Defragment" at 1am and a automatic backup at 2am. I go to bed on tuesday leaving my pc running (i turn off the monitor to prolong the life of the monitor) then when i wake up wednesday morning around 7 am i have completed a full virusscan and cleanup , a defregment, and a backup for the week and didnt lose a second of my work day. Also i sleep great knowing my computer will be better and faster in the morning

As i am obviously proficient with computers i also do a nice reinstall of my operating system every 3-6 months depending on whether or not it is needed. 3 months is its having problems and 6 if its not. Even if its running great i figure it wont be for long so i just do it anyways. Now keep in mind compared to most users i will put in 4 years of surfing and software installing and uninstalling and so on in a6 month period. So for you i would recomment a reinstall and or upgrade of windows at the very least every 4 years. The weekly cleanups i would recommend for EVERYONE!

Another very important tip would be to be very sure you have ALL of your windows updates at all times. I simply don't trust automatic updates to do it for me and you shoulden't either. at least once a week, check manually for updates. As far as i know automatic updates do not update and or install "optional updates" and may even skip over important ones as well. The only updates id say you will never need is the language packs in the "optional updates" unless you speak the particular language and would like to switch your language to a different one.

Also Never pay for antivirus or spyware/malware removal programs. The free ones are usually better anyways. here are a could i recomment and stand by. For antivirus I alwasy recommend and use My favorite AVG FREE. Its great on any operating system, BUt most importantly its rated the best antivirus for windows 7 and vista. And there is no need ever to pay a dime!. secondly for spyware and other undesirables i recomment an old favorite in the "free" community, Spybot Search And Destroy. Its not perfect mind you but its one of the best and %100 free.

It your woes include a virus that your virus scanner just cant handle or spyware/malware that spybot cant handle or anything else even just help setting your self up right. COme in to golden computer repair and let the experts treat you right.

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I have been working on computers for over 10 years now.

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