Micro Technologies is a computer sales, repair, service and consulting company situated in Winnsboro Texas, serving clients throughout the East Texas area. We supply Internet and electronic publishing services. Though we currently have served this area for over 7 years, we have more than fifteen years of system and software consulting knowledge in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area.

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  City Winnsboro, TX
  Zip Code 75494
  Address 335 North Main Str
  Phone Number (903) 342-6163

From Our Website

Micro Technologies provides computer networking solutions throughout East Texas and surrounding cities such as Winnsboro, Quitman, Mineola, Mt Pleasant, Mt Vernon and Pittsburg. Network installations handled on site, includes training class and monitoring services for LAN or Wireless. Micro Technologies covers every aspect of network installations so you can be assured the network is solid from the ground up by our commitment to covering all aspects of the installation. As a systems integrator the network engineering and network consulting services are designed to increase productivity and lower operating costs.

The decision of who to trust with your system is important. Slow response time can cost you hours or days of downtime. A failed attempt can lead to permanent data loss or system damage. An inappropriate recommendation or implementation can lead to untold costs, lost opportunities, and business failure. Micro Technologies understands the problem is dedicated to providing fast service, quick turnaround and professional management to ensure that your business is back up and running quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Is your computer infected with viruses or spyware? If you're online and don't have virus software, it's a pretty sure bet you're computer will soon be infected with one or more viruses and in need of virus removal. You're computer, software and files will be at risk without virus protection, but potentially so will your private information such as credit card numbers and bank account numbers. You may not necessarily know a virus exists, but it will be working in the background causing potentially both hardware and software problems.

East Texas technology specialists work to better serve your business and ensure your satisfaction!

Micro Technologies computer repair service provides a full range of repair services for both home and business computers. We provide computer repair service in East Texas for Winnsboro, Mineola, Mt Vernon, Mt Pleasant, Pittsburg, and Quitman. Services include full range of repairs, upgrades, installing additional memory, adding peripheral equipment, installing anti-virus and anti-spyware software. In addition, to a full compliment of computer repairs we'll provide all the required hardware or software.

Micro Technologies provides a dedicated staff that knows what it takes to attract and retain a loyal customer. Our computer sales department is trained to provide our clients with the solution to best fit your needs. We provide a variety of desktop computers, Toshiba notebooks, HP notebooks and various parts and accessories. There is no "standard" configuration. Every workstation we build is uniquely configured and built to meet your specific needs, not just a basic configuration that has been adapted.

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