Since 1998, we have been professionally supporting Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach and Brevard County with Information Technology. The first seven years were spent managing entire networks for a multitude of businesses with a very credible IT company. Many business networks around Brevard County were designed and implemented by us and many others were upgraded, streamlined and supported.

In 2005 we were recruited by a Mechanical Contractor to improve productivity, lower overhead costs, consolidate all communications, and allow for expected growth. The network was updated from 10Base-T to full 1GB networking, using Foundry Switching and inter-building Fibre. The phone systems were modernized from outdated and more expensive systems to a fully integrated SIP VoIP platform. The new design interconnected all jobsites, branches, and three other companies. This included network faxing, instant messaging with centralized communications and remote administration of more than 150 phones.

Wireless accounts were migrated to Verizon and Blackberries were incorporated as well as wireless cards for traveling personnel. A single NT server was replaced with numerous servers both physical and virtual. Massive SQL applications were brought in as well as Microsoft Exchange for a secure and unified, traceable way of communications. Over 300 workstations and laptops were maintained and configured to work from anywhere. The older tape Backups were replaced with NAS and HDD offsite rotation, and full Hurricane and Disaster Recovery plans were put into place.

Serviced Areas

  • Brevard County FL

Payment Options

  • Money Orders, Discover, Personal Checks, Travelers Checks, MasterCard, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Jason Daniels
  City Melbourne, FL
  Zip Code 32904
  Address 750 John Adams Ln
  Phone Number (321) 288-0793

Business Representative

Jason Daniels


From Our Website

The backbone of any corporation or business, large or small, is the information technology it relies on every day to make its business run. Information technology is our only business and we are experts in the field of IT engineering and providing technical support to our clients. We will understand exactly how the IT equipment you use is set up, how it functions to help your employees do their job, and how it helps you to conduct your day to day business. We will know if it is the most efficient system for you and how and where it can be improved to make your business run more effectively.

At Olive Branch IT, we understand that the purpose of technology is to serve your business. We offer quality business solutions to our clients. We will work with you to understand your business needs and design a network infrastructure that will fit into your future business plans, allow room for growth and flexibility, while adding to your productivity and profitability. We can help you understand the bottom line with your business, as we have the ability to put technical issues into business terms.

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