Osiris Computers and Game Repair is a computer repair, retail, and consulting company found in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our specialties include: Custom-built desktops, game console repair, and website design. We know that computers can be vital to our customers and strive to provide excellent and efficient service.

General Services

General services include those that are either not directly related to hardware and software or those that have aspects of both. Training classes and game console repair are not directly related to computer hardware and software, while custom-built desktops include both types of service.

Hardware Services

Hardware services are those that pertain to the physical machine and its various components. Installation of parts and upgrades are all part of these services.

Software Services

Software refers to all programs and programming within a computer. Whether you need a virus removed from an infected computer or your operating system reloaded, these are services related to the software of the machine.

Business Services

These services include those that are typically specific to businesses. Marketing items like promotional videos and website design are part of this as well as business networking.

Serviced Areas

  • Fort Collins, Loveland, Front Range

Payment Options

  • Discover, Debit Cards, MasterCard, VISA

Contact Details

  Person Osiris Computers & Game Repair
  City Fort Collins , CO
  Zip Code 80525
  Address 5748 S College Ave Unit C
  Phone Number (970) 449-9990

Products & Services

Software Services

Tune-Up, Virus Removal, Data Recovery, Data Back-Up, Wipe and Reload, Operating System Installation, Operating System Upgrades, Security Upgrades, MP3 Reset and Repair, Remote Support, Misc Reprogramming, Troubleshooting.

Hardware Services

Desktops and Laptops, Motherboard Installation, Hard Drive Installation, Power Supply Installation, RAM (Memory) , Modem, Ethernet Installation, Heat Sink, Fan, Video Card, Parts, and Whole Machine Cleaning, General Parts Replacement and Upgrades.

Business Services

Website Design, Promotional Videos, Writing, Consulting, Internet Marketing, Graphics.