Psychsoftpc is a manufacturer of high performance computers with Gaming PC, Business Computer, supercomputer and Graphics Workstation models based in Quincy, MA. Psychsoftpc makes the Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC high performance gaming computer the Psyborg Extreme Graphics Workstation featuring the NVidia Quadro workstation graphics card and the Psychlone Personal Supercomputer with Tesla technology.

Contact Details

  City Quincy, MA
  Zip Code 02171
  Address Rte 53
  Phone Number (617) 471-8733

Products & Services

Psyborg Extreme Gamer PC

High performance gaming computers built in the USA.

Psyborg Extreme Graphics Workstation

Psyborg Extreme Graphics Workstation is a high performance workstation for CAD, engineering and scientific modeling featuring the NVidia Quadro Workstation GPU.

Psychlone Tesla Personal Supercomputer

Psychlone Tesla Personal Supercomputer in a box with the NVidia Tesla Supercomputing Card.

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