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We can repair any computer problem in Lakeland, Florida. Whatever the problem, we'll solve it: from system crashes, to viruses, to network issues and a lot more. Our Lakeland, Florida computer repair staff, likewise, fixes everything from system crashes, operating system issues, spyware or virus infections, system errors, and other problems your computer may be experiencing. We use proven technology for find and diagnose problems no guess work here, just real-world experience to figure out what's wrong, and then fix it! we are experts in computer repair

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  Person Chris Hudson
  City Lakeland, FL
  Zip Code 33813
  Address 4526 S florida ave #36
  Phone Number (863) 588-1557

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Chris Hudson


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Computer Repair

Computer Repair

We are the only computer repair services company you need in Lakeland as we offer every service to ensure your technology is back in working order without you lifting a finger. Whether you've got problems with a Mac, desktop PC or Laptop, we have the skills to get it back on track. Our team of experienced technicians can handle any hardware problem by replacing the part or repairing it via soldering of chips or sockets.

We know how frustrating it is when your technology doesn't work and that's why we've enhanced our computer repair services to remove that stress and to have you back up and running in no time at all. For no extra charge we can come to you at your home or place of work or we can guide you through the repair via our live chat.

We always welcome clients to our premises too and invite you to pop in with any questions you might have. We're proud to be an essential part of the Lakeland community and proud to be helping Lakeland businesses and homes with their computer repairs for years.

Open 6 days a week we have solutions for every problem and if your device can be fixed it will be.

From replacement of burnt out power supply or RAM, to screen problems and motherboard repairs, we've got it all covered. We will diagnose the problem and repair your desktop computer.



When a network failure occurs, the ability to communicate or to run a business effectively disappears, leaving us feeling quite powerless as the information and technology we need for efficiency is redundant without a network connection. Our wireless and wired networking services can get your business back on track and operating efficiently in no time.

Not only does the absence of a network connection cause problems, a slow network can make the day labor intensive. Uploading, downloading and even emailing can take two or three times as long, cutting into your time and drastically impacting on a business's profits.

We understand the importance of a fully functional network that runs seamlessly and that's why our network services are often called upon for a number of network issues including:
Slow Networks
Network Faults
Connectivity Issues
Wi-Fi Interference
Faulty Drivers
Registry Faults
Cache Clean Ups
Network Streamlining

Virus Removal Lakeland, FL

Virus Removal Lakeland, FL

T's a sad testament to the world that many talented web developers turn their attention to creating and releasing computer viruses onto the internet with the express intention of stealing data or wrecking webpages. Viruses come in many forms and can affect many different elements of your computer. This creates a need for a professional virus repair service that can rid your computer of such malicious code. In Lakeland, FL, there is no one quite experienced as Reliant Computer Services.
Computer viruses can affect the overall running of your computer and damage personal files. Once they have become embedded, they can be difficult to remove and are prone to reappearing at inconvenient moments. Viruses have become the bane of the internet and billions is spent on firewalls and anti-virus software; competing with viruses is big business and it�s not going to change any time soon. The problem is that normal users do not know how to setup a firewall or use anti-virus software, therefore virus removal is a service that can help many people who have been unfortunate to end up with a virus on their computer.

Computer viruses come in many forms and modes of operation. Spyware collects information about the user and can be used to obtain confidential data such as passwords and bank details. Similarly, keystroke loggers note what keys have been pressed and on which sites and can be used to capture passwords. Then there are worms which self-replicate and pass themselves on to other computers and users attached to your computer, so infecting more and more machines. Reliant Computer Services can diagnose your system to find spyware, keyword loggers, worms and provide a dependable virus removal service.

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  • I would recommend this business

Although Chris was unable to fix my computer, he was very professional and gave me a full refund. His associate is also very professional and nice, and I would recommend them highly! Thanks Chris!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Amazing service! Fixed my laptop and did it within 24hrs! It's nice to have a computer repair shop that isn't out to take advantage of people's electronic ignorance. I will definitely come back for any of my electronic needs or for any unbiased advice.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Went to another computer repair store on Lakeland, told me it was not fixable, said my data could not be recovered. Chris at Reliant recovered data and removed virus. He is a computer Superman

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Chris Hudson is a master at his craft - and he repeatedly delivers first class attention and solutions to the sundry problems associated with computers and repair. He is extremely courteous and polite and he and his associates offer rapid and timely service. He repeatedly has proven his reliability. He is most highly recommended to handle your computer needs.

This is the second time I found myself in need of computer repair from Reliant computer services, I again could not have been happier with the professional level of service provided. The staff answered all my questions and provided me help and completed my repair, A repair Apple told me could not be done because my laptop was outside of its factory warranty. The turn around time was remarkably fast. I could not have asked for a better experience thanks again reliant I will be back with all my computer needs! A+ service and staff.

Very good, friendly service, pricing! Diagnosed my computer issue at no charge and gave me information I needed to make the decision to fix or replace. Would definitely recommend Reliant!

Anyone need computer work needs to come see my friend Chris at Reliant. Hes's located in Alamo Plaza. Same day repair and friendly service. Price was fair too!


lakeland fl computer repair services

Computer repair lakeland FL Reliant computer repair lakeland services carries out PC repair and computer repair lakeland services of all major PC brands such as HP, Toshiba, Compaq, Sony and all other makes Computers. Our PC computer repair lakeland services include same day onsite PC repairs whenever possible. Our server repair service will cover servers not booting up, including Windows 2000,2003, Vista ,Windows 7 ,2008 servers and Microsoft ExchangeServers.

Reliant Computer Services Lakeland ,FLorida - Happly Thanksgiving

At Reliant Computer Services, we appreciate that personal recommendation and we understand it is the finest advertising you can earn, and our greatest reward is to see a satisfied customer. We understand that your computer, netbook, or Mac is important to you and it's our goal to get your device up and running as quickly as possible.
Conveniently located at1927 S Florida Ave, Lakeland, Florida, we open at 10:30am, closing at a late 7:30pm, six days a week, so you will usually find us in when needed.http://www.lakelandcomputerrepair.com


Has your computer shutdown? You need some help and advice on what the problem might be?
At computer repair Lakeland,FL we have time and advice for all your questions. we have been in the Florida computer repair sector for over 9 years and have a long standing relationship with our customers and we hope you are able to become one of our many satisfied customers find out more about us and are services online

Computer repair service Lakeland FL wishes you a marry Christmas

There are so many computer repair services in Florida but based on my experience, there are only a few that understands my computer repair needs. I am an owner of a computer-operated business in Tampa, Florida and good IT personnel could come handy most of the time. However, I am cutting down on my employment costs so I would like to outsource my computer repair services from time to time.

iphone,ipad repair Lakeland fl

iPhone repair lakeland FL is available Monday-Saturday at are repair centre in lakeland FL , and you can easily get fast repairs sameday by are experts for your iPhone 4, iPhone 3G /3Gs, iPhone 4/4S or even the latest iPhone 5 model. Repairs for this device can include iPhone screen repairs, iPhone screen replacement, replacement back glass and repairs to all components such as speakers, dock connectors, wifi hardware, buttons and repairs after water damage.

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