Our goal

Technology System Integrator "Pledging to Quality IT ", our goal is to ensure that products and services are fairly rates to our clients, and that our customers get both quality and value. At Technology System Integrator, "we pledge to offer excellent quality and brilliant client service as we try to gain the respect and trust of our clients, suppliers and partner vendors".

Our IT Management support staff concentrates on our clients getting the lowest cost to implement and support their IT solutions. Technology System Integrator is dedicated to offering its customers with forward thinking items, solutions and IT Services and VoIP Phone Services. We are committed to fulfilling our client's requirements the first time out, and without failure, through genuine integration of IT technology and expertise.

Our Experience

With 29 years of experience of implementing business IT and resolving enterprise IT troubles, our technical support team has seen many complicated problems that we were able to resolve. We have built a team with a level of knowledge and commitment that ensures that your goals are met.

Our Approach

Success stems from a clear vision of your business purposes, so our computer technical support team employs a very process-centric method. Your core business processes form the foundation of that approach, because technology must facilitate execution of those processes. We offer custom IT Support and VoIP solutions to any size business.

Our Perspective

Our focus is to offer a quality technology solution that is driven by your business. We work together with clients to translate business strategy into the right technology plan. This process lets our computer technical support staff to meet your technology needs with a perfect match from network security, IT Consulting, Disaster Recovery, to VoIP Phone Services, TSI is your one stop shop for all quality business technology needs.

Company Goals

Technology System Integrator's purpose is to become the number one Business Technology Management firm in the world, crushing all other competitors by offering not only quality IT Solutions, but also a first class Customer Service. Unlike competitors who offer IT solutions, but forget about Quality Customer Services.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Novell, Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco

Contact Details

  Person Technology System Integrator
  City New York , NY
  Zip Code 10018
  Address 252 West 38 Street Suite 505
  Phone Number (800) 214-1874

Products & Services

Phone services

Virtual PBX is the only hosted PBX provider to deliver services aimed at clients who already have VoIP phones or want to use a low-cost VoIP service. The Open SIP Peering technology lets businesses of any size to "mix-and-match" any approved SIP phone with their Virtual PBX, providing savings and advantages that are truly the best of both worlds.

With no hardware or software to buy or maintain, you save costs in many ways. There is no big capital outlay for a new system. You don't have to hire and train someone to do phone support. You get all the high-end features you need without paying extra. And you don't need to hire a receptionist to answer incoming calls, our small business phone system does it all for you.

Cloud service

Cloud service is a new trend within the IT field. A cloud is internet based computing network that works like the electrical grid, in which PCs can receive resources, data, software among others on demand. The resources come from shared servers that computers can tap into through the internet when they require the resources. A small company can benefit from cloud computing in several ways, for example if a business is using cloud computing it does not have to set up a physical IT infrastructure such as file servers and e-mail servers. Further, everything can be accessed by using a computer browser, so the cloud is available anytime and anywhere you have connection to the internet. With a cloud service everybody in your firm can communicate hassle-free and work from anywhere through a computer browser. Cloud computing is able to grow along with your business, it can be expanded when you need it to. So there is no worry about your company outgrowing your cloud service.

Disaster recovery

After the Information Systems Backup & Data Protection assessment is done by Technology System Integrator, steps can be taken to eliminate any threats and vulnerabilities that were found and to improve on the overall awareness of Backup and Data Protection related issues.

After the systems are presumed effective by Technology System Integrator., an organization should continuously estimate threats and vulnerabilities using automated Network tools. Full Backup & Data Protection assessments should also be appointed periodically to ensure that an enhanced level of Backup & Data Protection is maintained and up-to-date best practices are followed.

Information system backup and data protection needs are constantly evolving and changing. What is presumed effective today may not be sufficient for the needs of tomorrow? Therefore, this information systems Backup & Data Protection report should be viewed not as a destination, but rather a continuing journey.

Customer Testimonials

Wow - what an asset you have with Toni! Just wanted you to know that I was extremely pleased with Toni's time and what the ladys here were able to get out of her time. I feel we are starting to move forward now.

The solutions offered by Technology Systems Integrator was great and its reliability seems to be best. The solutions offered by Technology Systems Integrator was great and its reliability seems to be best...

Staying competitive in our industry requires constant change, and because of the expertise that Technology System Integrator provides...