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These guys are awesome. We've been bringing our computers here for years and have always had a great experience. Fast turnaround, reasonable cost. I just brought my laptop there the other day for a problem with my keyboard. One of the guys took one look at it and did some magic. In seconds

Nick was great! He answered all my questions, told me exactly what it would take to get my gaming computer back up and running and did the work the same day! Fast Fix Computer Repair is my place of choice for computer repair! I highly recommend going to see Nick!

They fixed my lap top quickly and also give me some tips on how to keep it working effectively. I highly recommend you try them for any of your computer needs!

Very friendly and professional computer service offered here locally in Folsom.

We have used these professionals for advice numerous times in the past and again this morning. we're not the best customers as we have not bought a great deal from them however on numerous occasions they have given us very valuable advice on the best way to proceed with the particular problem

Garrick is a great business owner who truly tries to solve your problems at the lowest cost. Rare find in any business!!

Fast, affordable & great service. I was worried I would hve to buy a new desktop after my hard drive crashed, but Chicago ComputerLand LLC got my iMac back on track in under a week. Would definitely recommend their services.

Needed very quick repair for PC. Called Fri pm and they were in my home 9 am Sat. Marc A and his trainee were AAA+++ excellent in every process they did. They backed up all my personal files to my personal external hard drive, then got to work. Evidently my Win 10 was corrupted so they did

They Rock an the guy's name is Chris Kimmel he owns this place he's cool.

What a great experience. It was a pleasure to deal with the staff at All In One.

UniTech repaired my laptop in one day.

After purchasing an Item from their physical store and ebay store both items a processor and a dell 6400 latitude, the processor didn't last no more than a week, and the ebay item a dell laptop need to be properly DOD wiped which they claim they did had to get this done another company for

I've been going to their shop for 16 years and never have I been let down

This kid has no customer-relation skills whatsoever. I tried to buy a Dell laptop from him (over text) that he claimed was new but when I asked about a warranty, his response was "Are you the original owner? - obvious response is no - go to Dell and pay original price - Good luck - We are

The best mobile computer repair and networking I have used for my business yet.

I already bought products from this company and the best is the shipping fast and free, also the support is super.

This place was NOT what I expected! I have read several articles on the web about these guys and I was actually blown away about how they conduct business. They have the cleanest computer shop I have ever seen! The staff and owner makes you feel like you are a person and not a number... while

They are the best at what they do.

This business was very professional and gave a very fair deal. I definitely recommend this one especially for complex repairs.

I have had my laptop fixed here and it come back working perfect. I would recommend this place to anyone anytime. Thank you so much.

I took my computer here several times for repair and have purchased a laptop, great price and repair are done efficiently and fast!

Fixed my computer for me. They did a great job and the quality was great. Also, very affordable. Got it back within a few days. People are very friendly and reliable.

I've been coming here for years and my friends this is the place to go when you have any thing wrong with your computer. Also they've begun working on Apple products like iPods and iPhones, they didn't used to do that before so that's a plus. I usually get my computer fixed and returned within

Thanks ComputerTronic for the prices and fast delivery shipping. This website is professional and have an excellent customer services. Recommended!

I took my computer to another company and my computer came back in worse shape than before. A neighbor suggested I try Allstate Computers on Toney Penna. They had the problem accurately diagnosed the same day and were able to get it fixed and back to me by the next day. Finally, a company that

I have personally and with the company I work for have been doing business with these people for years. Jerry and Brad are great and can always find the best tech for the job.

Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!! and yes I will backup. Thank you

Expensive. That would be the word I would use with A+. All of their merchandise is so jacked up in price. The service is good. What you don't know can hurt you!

Had some serious problems, need my computer for work, no computer no work or money. Good people in the store, the store is back to the orginal owner, he is a great business person. Takes care of the customers needs properly.

Highly recommend Intermountain Computers. Russel is very knowledgeable and is able to explain things in a way even I can understand. Great Local Support.

I would recommend this place to everyone. I brought my computer to these guys and they had it fixed same day. They had amazing service and many recommendations and helpful tips to prevent future issues.

I cannot overstate how atrocious the customer service was at Dr. Laptop/Dr. Cellphone. I will NEVER take my business to them again. They did NOTHING but waste my time and then acted like it was someone else to blame. DO NOT GO HERE.

A year or so ago...I brought my MacBook G4 for repair of the monitor. They assured me that they could fix it and they had the part. It took weeks and when I finally got it back it had been taken apart and pieces were just dangling. They had the nerve to return it to me that way with screws

I can't say enough about these guys, they came over within an hour of my call, professional, honest, affordable. I did some research on them and I found out even tho they have been in business for just 2 years now, Between Tony and Dimitri, they have over 35 years of experience, they are

Our small retail establishment spent thousands on Microsoft Dynamics POS, purchased from and installed by Data Cash Register. We had problems form the beginning. The software was not capable of doing things we were told it could do. We needed to add an additional computer terminal and contacted

it was so nice to have more than one person trying to find the best solution for me. I appreciated that they did not try and sell me more than I needed, and even gave me some freebies to help with the old and new computers.

I was told my repair would take a week by two other shops. Datadrive promised a 24 turnaround and they delivered. What else can you say? Awesome job.

Sunsky is a great resource if you like to find great deals on used computer equipment and components. They sell new computers as well, but the best bargains are to be found in their refurbished systems and salvaged components. I bought most of my parts for my first home built system from Ginstar.

Went to the store not knowing what to expect. These guys are GREAT! They didn't talk down to me and knew exactly how to explain things to me without talking over my head! They fixed my computer perfectly and made it run like it was new out of the box! We'll worth the $100 repair! Other stores

Take your computer here and ask for Frank. He is very knowledgeable and got me out of many jams. I recommend this place for anybody looking for quality computer service. He will have your PC back and working in no time.

This past Friday, was in a meeting...and luck would have it, phone dropped and the crack took over the whole screen, none of the touch sensors work. What to do, what to do. I first called Friday, to setup an appt. on that following Monday, but my schedule for Sunday allowed me to bring it

The home button on my 3G was not working. I need it to last another few months until the 5th gen comes out. I called and was quoted $79 to replace it. I dropped in and she took the phone and started working on it immediately. About 15 min later, she came out and told me the button still did

My Macbook screen cracked after the laptop fell from about 3 feet from the reading desk in library. I was still able to use the laptop but just looked like outer glass was shattered completely. Took it to Dr. Laptop and got the screen replaced in less than an hour. Awsome laptop repair place!!

This guy has had my laptop for 4/25/11. His name is Rayan and will not return any call and I feel like he scammed me out of my laptop. And now he change his phone number.

Excellent website for security proposal with competitive prices recommended!!

IndyLaptops has saved us on more than one occasion with computer virus infestations, overheating issues, and complete motherboard failure. Their prices are reasonable and they're timing in repair is amazing. That's why we've decided to only buy from them from now on.

I really cannot thank Jaime enough. He saved me today by allowing me the opportunity to finish my report. His availability on a Sunday was absolutely crucial. You are a lifesaver!

This guy knows what he's doing. He is fast and very reliable.

Had a major vius problem and Friendly Computers came to my home same day and quickly resovled the issue. I was back online in no time. Prices were much better then the others.

Bought a re-certified laptop from Cyber Guys approximately 5 years ago for my photography business and it is still functioning perfectly. Since then I purchased the parts for a custom built system which they assembled for a very reasonable price. Will definitely visit them for my next computer