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Aimee way to Yelp it out. I agree with you on this Apple store. I had a great experience there today. I'd made an appt online this morning for 5pm to get.

I go to them for all my Computer needs. I build computers and they offer great prices for Motherboards, almost as cheap as buying them from a computer fair. Also they will help you put together some things for free. The Computer Towers are a little too much money though.

Professional and honest techs and reasonable rates: My network was down, but these guys got it back up in 20 minutes! (could not beleive that) I'm not thinking of going to any other tech companies for my business. I can recommend them to anyone with any computer needs.

Real bad customer service, they never answer the phone and carry a limited selection of computers. Even though the TV ads say they carry Apple computers they real don't. and forget about trying to return something after you open it.

Thank you computerfox, my business will go on thanks to Rocco and Paul who revived the RAID Array on my dying Dell Poweredge Server. My business and all its registers are completely driven by this demonic server, Rocco met me 7:30 at night and worked on the unit until 2:00 A.M. into the early

I got very good, honest and fast service from PC Pros. I dropped my tower off mid-afternoon and it was ready the next morning. I had it tuned up and it's working much much faster! It was done seamlessly so I was able to plug in and go right back to work.

I first encountered the folks from Computer Resources when the firm I was working for hired them to get all of our computers in order. That was about 12 years ago. I'm self-employed now and have bought my last two computers at Computer Resources. Their service is great. They are so knowledgeable

I had a terrific experience with this company! I called before I went and was forewarned that they were running a little behind because of Christmas. I brought it in around 12:30 p.m. and the drop-off process took about 2 minutes. To my surprise and delight, I received a message at 1:30 p.m.

The only place I like to go to get games. The staff is usually quite informed about what's coming out, and what games are good (every once in a while you.

My IBook had been dying a slow death so I decided to pick up a new Macbook with my decent education discount. This is the first time I actually bought a Mac.

The women at Denna Computer are wonderful! They have been extremely helpful throughout the years. If you wish to have friendly service and know-how, just stop on by or give them a call. (I stop in every time I am back in CT., now that I live in Virginia.)

I will love to work for this company how do i do that thank you very much

I had my computer crash and they retrieved all of my data. They saved it to cds. Their customer support was great. I highly recomend them.

Savage Systems is the best computer service and repair shop in eastern Connecticut. I have been in business in the area for over twenty years and was an early customer. Over the years I have purchased hardware, software, web design, web hosting and on site service. Eric Gould the owner has

I purchased a computer from them and they helped me one hundred percent of the way. They even came to my house to help me set it up being as computer illiterate as i am.

Great service. Scott was awesome. If you need ANYTHING, call him up!

Great turnaround. Professional atmosphere, very friendly

The worst shopping expiriense EVER!I purchase vine chiller, after arrpox. 1 month broken.I have big problem returning DEFECTIVE merchendise, they give to me just store credit.Store manager very UNPROFESSIONLY HANDLE WITH SITUATION, his name I believe Ray.+ I spend last month 4000 USD!Shame

I usually build my own stuff because I know how and it's way cheaper. I won't touch a Dell (or mainstream) type PC because of reliability issues. I consistently come back to these guys for advise, upgrades, and parts because the are so reliable and know what they are talking about! Keep it

Paul is wonderful. He is honest, competent, and intelligent. Great personality. I highly recommend!