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I have personally and with the company I work for have been doing business with these people for years. Jerry and Brad are great and can always find the best tech for the job.

Sunsky is a great resource if you like to find great deals on used computer equipment and components. They sell new computers as well, but the best bargains are to be found in their refurbished systems and salvaged components. I bought most of my parts for my first home built system from Ginstar.

I have been doing business with Cartridge World since April 2008. They're prices are much more affordable than purchasing new cartridges, and they stand behind the quality of their work. They strive to provide you with the cartridges you need ASAP! EVERYONE there is exceptionally friendly and

I purchased an Ipod adapter and had it installed, a few months later it broke. I tried to take it back and have the installation department take a look at it, but costumer service said they couldnt find any records of it, so I told them I would pay, I went back to the installation department

Good customer service and cheap price on Apple product and with a clean site easy to navigate and also gets your product to you on time

Great in all respects. Sales person was most helpful and courtious. Will shop there again.

Good service is completely absent from the buying experience. If you own a company and rely on your computers do not buy here. Every computer I had built here was defective.I had to bring them back over 6 times to have items replaced in les than 2 weeks of my purchase. The tech took out my

I like this business because they have many things to choose from. I dislike this business besause of their so called Good Service. I called, I was kept on hold for two minutes. If I am going to be kept on hold for that long, the person at the phone could have told me to call back. And when

I have become a repeat offender at this mall. It is a nice shopping experience every time I have visited. Highly recommended.

I found the owner to be very accomodating and friendly. I had a problem with VISTA and he stayed with it until it was corrected. Good job.

We are delighted with the service provided by the staff at Computers Plus. My husband has used them before and was very pleased. This was my first experience and I have to agree with him ; they completed the work quickly and made helpful suggestions. They are the best!

Great store and wonderful service. My computer was repaired quickly and I was explained what was done and how to prevent the problem in the future.

Purhased several computers from them and referred many clients. Had computer problem and when I went for repair was extremely rude. Charged me to repair and computer did not work within 5 minutes of taking home. Did not offer refund, credit or computer. Did not even seem to care. Would not

I thank God everyday. I thank him for my my wife who is Wonderful! I Love her so much.

I recently had to have some work done to my computer and chose Computer Clinic because they were the first ones to answer the phone. I am extremely pleased with the service I was given. The people working there are curtious and helpful, the service was completed in a timely manner, and the

I used those for my compu needs, they are awsome. networking, installation fixing pretty much every thing

Not at this location no more moved to Mount Zion

This business was very professional. They completed the work very quickly and it was done correctly. They went over the invoice with me and gave me some tips on how to keep my computer running correctly. They charged me a very fair rate and in fact were much lower in price than anyone else.

Well, those 72 virgins promised to all those suicide bombers? I think I found them here in Microcenter. Oh I kid. Don't get your buffer all in a bunch,.

I bought my first computer from cyber-tech computers and they took their time in helping me decide what's best for me and got me the most for my money. I go to them for all my computer needs and I trust they will do an honest and great job.

This Small Business Service vendor provides a wide range of services for you business, including custom built workstations, servers, laptops, installation, networking, web design and hosting, and more.

Simply the most knowledgeable, most experienced and professional staff and service. I love it!

The service here was not up to par. I had gotten my machine back with what they told me was bad memory. I reopened the machine and blew it out. I found out that they did not seat the memory properly. I paid 140.00 for nothing.

Super petite version in comparison to the Buckhead one. Yes, just as crazy but on a slightly scaled down model. I had to go in for a quick phone 'emergency'.

I love value. Ginstar is value. I have put together 3 serious machines and a laptop based on parts from Ginstar. It is a small (small in size, not in.

It was really hard for me to give Game Stop 3 stars. If I was to go on first impressions, I would have given the place 4 stars maybe 4 1/2; however, recent.

Its kind of hard for me to rate this place. i do not fail to stop by this place everytime i go to lenox. i love apple. i love the displays. and i love.

Ok,We have bought 7+ computers and laptops from here. This is how vision computer works:You will not get the fastest, bleeding edge computer here that.

This has been one of the best purchasing experiences ever! The manner is highly professional and excellent which is half of the transaction in my view. The other half has been even better because of the great product and satisfaction I received from this establishment. I can't say enough about

Instead of buying another computer Gary was able to restore mine at half the price of others. I tell everyone about him. He was fast and knowledgeable. After seeing how well he fixed one computer I hired him to help me with some networking problems. He did not disappoint. I will continue to

These guys have great prices in a boutique enviorment. They installed my card for free! real service. Bye compusa!

I gotta give it up to the guys and girls that work here. I was over at the store on Friday night, waiting for the iPhone 3G.First of all, the employees.

This store is Fab! I will start out by saying, I am not a Techy type or are gadget person. Times, however are changing, and a girl has got to keep.

Yaye this computer garage sale looking place is great! I found a new Power Adapter for my 5 year old laptop! So I bent my cord and the Big Stores wanted.