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These guys are awesome. We've been bringing our computers here for years and have always had a great experience. Fast turnaround, reasonable cost. I just brought my laptop there the other day for a problem with my keyboard. One of the guys took one look at it and did some magic. In seconds

Fast, affordable & great service. I was worried I would hve to buy a new desktop after my hard drive crashed, but Chicago ComputerLand LLC got my iMac back on track in under a week. Would definitely recommend their services.

Sept 18, 2010 I brought my Sony Vaio notebook to Computer Reruns because it crashed. I was told that by the following Tuesday latest I'd have an estimate. It was weeks later befor that materialized. I was told it was the motherboard and that it could be replaced for a fair price. I was

The site is great with alot of merchandice, and great prices.

Nice to know that you can pick up stuff if you need to. Had one of our desktops stop, and we needed another for a work station. No time to wait for.

KelC the other person below me doesnt know whats shes talking about or she must of had a simple job done. but do not go there for the car audio. i had eric the wire my subs and he blew them. doesnt know what he doing and doesnt even have a system. after they blew my subs they didnt want to

Best deals and service in the area. Extremely honest and helpful. The staff helps you decide what you actually need, and does not try to sell you something you do not need. I recommend Computer R to all my friends. I've even recommeded them to the Masonic Lodge.

I've been to this Mac Store twice now, and out of the 4 I've been to in my life, this is my most favorite Mac Store in the world. They are so organized.

Why can't all shopping be like this? If clothing stores had such knowledgeable and helpfull staff, I'd have a shot at trumping fellow Chicago Yelper Vamsi.

They are very helpfull in trying to find what you are looking for.

I took my computer here for repair once and the people here amazed me. I didn't understand a lot of their technical talk.but I got my computer fixed in.

I agree with the review that said this is like Disneyland for dorky people. The place is HUGE. and just wandering around it feels like an event of some.

I have bought 3 complete systems from Proton and am getting rerady to buy 2 more. Good prices, great customer service and, of course, the secret weapon, Maureen. Customer service is always above and beyond. A great local resource and very nice to deal with. A very happy customer.

I like this store, ive bought a computer, satallite radio and had it installed. they did a good job. workers are very friendly and always around to help.

Best but deleted my review, can you guys take the good with the bad.Iam a publisher.hint.lok in your local paper for me story on best buy of crystal lake. I WILL NEVER BUY A PRODUCT FROM ANY STORE NOW DUE TO VERY VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.Now check the net.I ALSO WISH I COULD GIVE YOU 1/2

The church I serve as administrator has used CompuType for computer service and wireless internet for quite some time. They have always been quick to respond to our calls, professional in making repairs and upgrades and have been very easy to work with. One program they offer which we use is

Hallelujah! Finally found a store where someone really knows what they are doing for a great, great price. My personal hard drive was completely corrupted and the 5 stores I went to before Compufix wanted me to pay $1500 without a guarantee that my data could be recovered. Chad and his team

Going into an Apple Store is a trip in itself. The room is quite a blend of wood and plastics, earthy-ness and high tech. There are assistants everywhere to.

BEWARE of ALL Geek Squads! I am professional in IT - they WILL rip you off. Don't buy their contracts, they will claim EVERYTHING as the exception to the contract. They also will change hardware that does not need it! To top it all off, I have seen them smash heat sinks which will only cause

Great prices and excellent customers service

Noone treats more like family than they do, their prices are excellent for a small company and they can order things and get them next day if you cannot find something. I just love dealing with them all around and would not deal with these warehouse comanies that treat you like a number, they

This is a great store. They do have a huge selection and the prices are really good. I often find many things cheaper then Best Buy and CompUSA. The staff.


One of the best stores to buy computer equipment. This store is good for people shopping for computer equipment for home all the way up to a fortune 500.

My last 3 computers have been entirely built from parts purchased at this place. When it's time to upgrade I don't go running to Best Buy, Dell or Gateway,.

Great service. Reasonable prices. Sue fixed my computer after a lightning strike. Great alternative to the Bigbox stores service department.

Yenga is the best store manager ive ever met he goes the extra mile for his customers,and has a open door to any customer problems. #1 in my book. Thanks, Patrick Carroll

Over priced found out I could have saved money with Satellite and Tv installations. My friend saved money with him and had better outcome.

My HP laptop was not charging up. I assumed it was the battery, power supply or the infamous HP power jack problem. I called Fry's and was told its 7 to 14.

Just a pleasant hometown experience. There are a couple of old timers that are very patient and will take care of all your needs. The pricing isn't bad at all, no breaking the bank with these guys.

I came in here on Black Friday to get my iphone for my birthday. Seamless, quick, painless, and easy. We were out within 30 minutes. Just the way I like.

I been to pro-line several times over the last 3 years for either repairs or upgrades. I love these guys, great work, affordable, very knowledgeable. My highest recomendations.

They have obviously gone out of business. Every phone number is disconnected.

Call me a Tech Geek and Best Buy is my Heaven! Everyone knows that Best Buy is king when it comes to the lasted electronics and other tech goodies. So the.

Office supplies don't excite me (except for the paper folding machine - I want one of those). What's hot about this place is that it's set back from Naper.

I am giving this place 4 stars mainly for the customer service. I work out of my home so I am frequently visiting this place. They are so quick to ask you.

Over priced and under service all the Best Buys are. I don't know why people even shop there when Micro Center and Fry's Electronics offer much better price and service.

I've purchased two refurbished computers here and recommend it. Once you leave, you deal with the manufacturer if something goes wrong, but they will.

After you Google your computer problems you have choices to make. I wanted to keep my computer. I don't trust the popular fix it place because the lied to.

I love Cartridge World! I've been stopping in about once a month (I'm a teacher lol) for the past two years and have probably saved a few hundred dollars.

Went here to check out their deals on computer hardware. They had pretty decent deals. They were not the cheapest in the area - but they were definitely.

Was there over the weekend wanting to buy a digital camera. I personally didn't have a clue on what to look for when it came to digital cameras. So, when.

The best return policy ever, if you do not have your receipt. As long as you have your credit card you used to purchase it. They are able pop your.

This is by far my favorite Apple store in the whole entire universe (just in case there's Apple stores on other planets). I've bought both my iPhone and my.

I brought my customize computer in for a diagnostic last Friday, paid in advance $73.56 (mind you), and less than a day later (Sat. morning) they call for me to pick up my computer. Went to pick it up and the neophyte tech said that they don't know what the problem is other than it is bad mother

I love cartridge world especially this location. The staff is friendly, the venue is clean and in a very convenient location-.5 block away from the.

My fave Office Depot in town - pick this one over the Lincoln/Jersey location anyday if for no other reason than the bathrooms here have been cleaned since.

There are only a couple of good customer service reps at this location, which is pretty bad considering there are at least 7 (I'm guessing) employees on the floor at any given day or time. Most of them just stand around and stare at you while you go from aisle to disorganized aisle trying to

This is the best place to go for computers. I have bought 2 computers and my laptop from here. Not only do they deliver it to your house, but they set up.

Macks is great! My comuter was slow and infuriating, Macks fixed it! Completely! A great service, fast, complete, and done right, and at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend MacKsontech. bruce m