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Expensive. That would be the word I would use with A+. All of their merchandise is so jacked up in price. The service is good. What you don't know can hurt you!

IndyLaptops has saved us on more than one occasion with computer virus infestations, overheating issues, and complete motherboard failure. Their prices are reasonable and they're timing in repair is amazing. That's why we've decided to only buy from them from now on.

After giving me the run around for over a week, The good employees at Best Buy knowingly sold me a faulty car cd player, then the installers, knowing this was a pos product, kept quiet until i express my dissatisfaction, then try to convince me not get a refund,after wasting my time, and sending

I have had good experience with these people EXCEPT FOR their hours. They operate under the most inconvenient, inaccessible hours of any retail store I have ever had to deal with. Computer Crisis now = no service from A+ (it is 2pm on a Friday afternoon, after all)


I have been to this service center to fix my toshiba laptop. The personnel are knowledgeable. They were very helpful and delivered the serviced laptops right on time.

I have done business with O's for approximately three years now. I have referred friends who have also gone there. They have always been a great help and have gone above and beyond more than once to get the job done and make sure everything was right. I will continue to recommend them to anyone

These guys are modern geniuses for those of us who are computer morons. They can fix anything for a fair price.would recommend them to anyone including my own parents.and I have.

I think the customer service at this store is great. Both times I was helped by Erie and what a wonderful, helpful, very polite person. Would definetely take the drive to do business at this store.

If you are a parent and you need to buy diapers. DO IT HERE!THEY ARE SO MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE AND COME IN BIGGER BOXES!Not too mention sometimes they.

If your computer got sick and you want to kill it by euthanasia, moreover you like to spend money for nothing - then go ahead - Noblesville Best Buy geeks is a right place, or Mcdonalds - you will get same result:-) I brought my computer this summer with a corrupted system, but still with all

Well i really haven't been here for a couple years but i had a buddy that used to work here and i shoped there and they always did me right

I was looking for a Dell computer and these guys have them in stock. In one day they transferred my data from my old system to the new computer. I was up and running in no time. Good deals and great service. Thanks again!

My last two trips to your store have been less than pleasant your sales people are rude and seem to want to ignore elderly coustomers. Last month I had to force an employee in the camera department to sell me a camera,(Nikon D60 and accessories) but only after waiting for thirty minutes. Today

I have had several experiences with NIT, and everytime they have treated me with respect and understanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

The staff at Accurasource Computers is friendly and quite knowledgeable. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by a friendly associate and he took care of all my needs. The price of services are very fair and worth the extra drive. The gentleman that helped me out with my computer,

We came in with a Toshiba laptop and a Dell PC that wouldn't power up. Loren checked out the Dell PC and found out the issue. But Richard checked out the warranty for us on and told us that we should try our luck with Dell under the limited warranty that soon to expire. He then troubleshoot

Had a VERY bad experience with the geek squad. Very poor technical expertise, extremeley poor customer service and very slow turnaround time.

I went to the Best Buy on Coliseum loking for a Sony Online Game card and they had none i asked a employee to search the database if Jefferson Point had any of them and was called and told to save 1 of the 2 them for me. I drove to the Jesserson Point Best Buy and when i got to the service

The ONLY Apple store in Indiana - sad but true. This little Mac oasis is tucked away into the mall, but fairly easy to get to. We have been there on several.

If the parts are defective, return them to the customer.