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Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!! and yes I will backup. Thank you

I heard about this place from a colleague of mine, and I'm glad I did. They were so helpful at explaining all of my million questions. I'm not really familiar with technology, but they were patient and kind to me, always explaining my options, and the reasons behind them.

PC-RESTORED at 431 electric ave in lunenburg MA is the best shop around. The staff always has an answer and in a language I speak. Their prices are half of the big chain with twice the knowledge.

Talk about going above and beyond - the techs at A+ Mobile saved us this week, so in the Christmas spirit I am writing this to thank them. Our entire network crashed this week and even though they were slammed busy, they found the time to come to our location and work long after hours to restore

We had good experience with the guys here. They are very professional, courteous, helpful. They first told us problems with our laptop and 2 pcs for our daughters. They explained everything about these computers and suggested to buy two new computers and they will be glad to to transfer

This place did a great job on recovering my data and restore my laptop back to how It was.

They charged me for breaking my computer. Better off goin to best buy.

This place has saved me from disaster twice already. I have had a hard drive fail and they got my data back and were able to restore it. I was told by the (GEEKSQUAD) format the drive and start again! I also have tried Microcenter nearby and they were just as bad. The prices both charge for

This is a nice alternative to places like Best Buy. They usually have good deals on Macs and discounted student rates since they support the BU community.

This store can get quite busy, and the staff handles it all quite well. I've had a lot of good experiences with the people on the floor, and the design of the place is enough to go in itself.

Pretty damn good actually. Thanks. I dont' friggin love this place or anything, I just went to this location and had a pretty good experience. Everything.

This is a great small laptop repair and used computer dealer. Great service. knowledgeable about difficult [problems, etc.

Carries only a limited supply of products to choose from. Most all of products have questionable reliability and performance. I purchased a Trendnet USB Adapter, with doubts, paid just as much as I would've getting a Netgear or Linksys. Only to test it against my D-Link adapters (not the best

After comparing this stores prices with a local competitor pc's for everyone I found this stores prices to be on average of $22 increase of the same offered products.

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I went in this morning to buy the iPhone 3G. The staff in the store were so nice and helpful - answering questions from people waiting in the really long.

This store is a nightmare! OMG! I went their to shop yesterday for an expensive high end digital camera and the people they have there to help you are totally disgusting. This one guy was so slow a turtle would have been faster. His shirt was so food stained and disgusting and he smelled so

This store is one of the best. i can get my electronics no problem.

In all fairness, Egenera was conceived out of technological passion and pragmatic notions of wanting to make a very high paced Wall Street data center.

I had my computer fixed there and their service is fantastic! I'd recommend it for all PC repair needs.

Gotta 5 star this spot - it's a spacious and uncluttered apple store with all of the various apple products and a host of the newest third party iPhone/Pod.

They're the leader. Going anywhere else for machine vision doesn't make sense. By far the best technology in the industry.

I am so pleased we decided on using this company for our IT needs. Professional, helpful and always within a phone call for assistance.

This place is great! Extremely fast service. My laptop was fixed in the same day! Also, the prices are much lower than your big chain stores. I'm going to bring in my daughters computer next week. I highly recommend.

I found them to be very limited in their knowledge of computers. I repaired a laptop for a friend that they got into an unusable state in about 10 minutes with basic Windows system features. They charged close to $300, had the system a couple of days and then gave up.

What a great company they have everything that you'll ever need and they recycle for you. just great. and right up on new tec stuff them 5086753950 there mailing is po box 261 somerset willnot be disapointed

A+++++ Dell Hardware, Excellent customer satisfaction.

This guy is excellent. He has a wide range of computer products and an extensixe amount of knowledge for anyone from the beginner to novice. He helped steer me in the right direction and I bought a nice HP processor. I would strongly recommend this store above any superstore in the area. 5

These guys really know computers. Quick turnaround time on computer repairs and great prices on parts, accessories and new computers as well.

This place has a lot of hard to find electronics parts and tools. Transistors, cabling, soldering equipment, etc. Also wonderful if you're looking for hard to find batteries. The owner is most helpful and will get in items that you might be looking for.brRecommended.

Excellent service. The person running the businnes is the most friendly I have ever met. In addition, he REALLY knows what he is talking about!. He will not fool you. I highly recommend this place for fixing your computers, laptops, etc. I come from Spain and upon my arrival I found my laptop

I have been dealing with the Geeks now for almost a month regarding a laptop which I had purchased during the summer with three year warrenty. Said laptop completely died out while it was doing a sweep (installed at purchase). I get an occasional call saying that the problem will be fixed,

HORRIBLE SERVICE.everytime Ive gone there. Waited almost an hour for help buying a camera, the sales associate never even acknowledged the fact that we were there, standing right in front of him. Second time we went wasnt much better

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the retail juggernaut that Apple has become. And in the process, its teaching the established retail world a few things about.

Great prices that match, or nearly match, prices. Customer service was terrilble though. One of the people there looked scared to answer a question.

Ive been dealing with Mario for 8 years, Bought sold and traded many PC's, a great guy to do Business with!

Besides the huge size, the ridiculous amount of staff, the door opener/greeter, design, etc, I'm giving this place 5 star because I had great service.I.

Why on Earth am I giving a Gamestop four stars? Because of Crazy Harry. Anyone who frequents this Gamestop location knows exactly who I am talking about.

I've been to this location a grand total of three times. Every time, I had people help me find exactly what I was looking for. And nothing major, either.