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They Rock an the guy's name is Chris Kimmel he owns this place he's cool.

Facebook User Reviews Rick I highly recommend this place for all of your Computer repair needs. Alan - These folks do good work! February 15 at 3:42pm Amanda - Not only is the crashmasters just like their name but im thinking of getting a computer from them as well! They did wonders

Great computer shop, nice store selection, fast friendly service, what more could you want?

The guys took care of my computer immediately. I had no wait and the cost was very reasonable!

I called to verify inventory of an item and was placed on hold for 10 minutes. I hung up and called back and promptly disconnected. Unbelievable will not spend money there. Circuit City, Best Buy here I come!

I consider myself a very demanding customer and the son of a father who was a Audio Video Manufactures Rep. I probably spend more than most at Best Buy so have had a large number of personal experiences there. When I call the store for information a sales assistant named Stephanie seems to

I went here because I wanted to go to a store that would give a more personal touch to the work I needed done on my computer. I went to PC Builder Plus (which is near my home) and the guys there repaired my hard drive and even removed the viruses and spyware that I didn't even know I had! I

Did business with Digilink and I have to say they are on it when it comes to helping you and cutting deals. Mike and Cody were all professional and down to earth guys when it came to customer/tech support. Haven't had any problems as of yet with them.

Here's the thing - Apple products may break or melt down sometimes for reasons that baffle you. They're as imperfect as products from most other brands.

A top notch company. They have great customer service and the lowest prices on computer products in the area. I bought my custom PC from them and couldn't be happier. They don't stock many parts at their store, but they can get you just about anything in a day or two.

You will be pleased with the unbelievable service and GREAT prices at this store. We now also take all of our business computers there. They are repaired and/or updated on the spot with a smile. We will use Polygon Computer's services rather than pay for another computer service contract any

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Ok I love apple and all of its products, but this one at somerset collection is always way packed. I will agree with the other yelper's on the fact that the.

They rock, they were real professional and got my computer to run great

This is by far the best store in the distrect they always have every thing perfect and in order

The guys at Computer Guild are very knowledgable and do excellent work. The prices are reasonable. They are ethical in their business practices and will not keep you informed of the costs. We even had a super computer built for our tech-savvy son and he is very pleased! This is our only store

A great Apple experience! The staff is very friendly and easy to access, despite this being a very busy store. Plenty of hands-on devices while you wait for.

I like best buy for some things, but for computer repair? NO WAY. Call them and ask them their prices. One person tells you $250 and the next person says $400 lol. Call around to some local businesses and find a better price with better service.

Was in the store this past week. I have been accustomed to dealing with the two younger guys, who are very knowledgable, and helpful with my business computer needs. I was surprised to find that there was a new salesman, older man with a navy cap, who referred me to ProTech Computers in jackson

Forget Best Buy. Micro Center is where it's at for all of my computer and electronics needs. The sales representatives are right there to help when you.

I have an hp laptop that was sent out by fedex to repair my wireless connection after 8 days it came back still not working.I spent a total of 2 days and 20 hours talking to them.I finally gave up and went to southgate.2 days later i was up and running and back on the internet.I also have a

UGH. This place has been a friggin' nightmare. Now I know why my fellow computer gurus won't step foot into this place. I recently purchased a notebook from them.because the price was unbeatable so I took the chance. We were told by the kid who sold it to us that it had to be checked by their

Da Vinci's Coffee House & Art Gallery was a beautiful up-scale business in the old downtown area of Adrian, Michigan. It went out of business in December of 2006.

Personable people, technically knowledgable. Located in small town atmosphere, Grandville is nice.

Be AWARE of 90 days same as cash they offer. Was going to pay cash for a new computer & the salesman talked me into opening a best buy account & as long as i paid it in full in 90 days it would be interest free. This is NOT TRUE. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS GIMMIC. After the fact i find out you must

The most reliable wholesale source I have dealt with. I have used this company to make money at online auctions. Unlike other companies I have used, this company actually delivers and best of all their prices were cheaper than Wal-Mart.

These people will take you for a ride if you know nothing about computers. Call someone else.

CAREFUL! I recently made a purchase at the Brighton Store and purchased the Geek Protection Plan. Four employees and a manager have assured me all I have to do is bring in the product if broken and take home a new on right away. This is NOT true! It is at the discrection of Best Buy. And PLEASE

Very helpful sales people and a nice clean store are the plusses here.the down side is that sometimes they are out of stock on popular sale items.

Nice people. I went there with a motherboard/CPU problem that I was having with a computer I was assembling, and they solved it for less than $20.

BEWARE! This company took a $100 payment for a part they never delivered. Now they refuse to refund my money and I was literally told by an employee on the phone You are talking to someone that does not care. Check the Detroit area BBB (Better Business Bureau) and you will see the negative

I had papa computers build my computer.I have had it for about a year.I have had no trouble and love it.I also bought a used lap top and have had no trloble with it. He is honest and fair Id give him a 10 anytime you wont go wrong if you go to him!

JACKPOT! This store is right next door to my cleaners and I never went in until today. I had good reason. I'm not a window shopper and I don't like being.

A very busy store located near I-75 and Oakland Mall shopping district. Like many other Best Buy stores, this one is busy at all times of the day. There is.

I've been a few times in the last six years, mainly for art supplies. the store stocks a variety of school/office supplies, and university of.

Crashmasters is a nice local business friendly people and great service. I brought my computer here a couple of times and never had any issues i highly recomend you take your computer there. dont trust new local business they will rip you off i know from experince.

I always know when i need my computer fixed that its in good hands and it will be fixed right and for a reasonable price. i trust them completely. i bring all my personal and work computers to them.