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Best place in town for really good ink cartridges. I usually pay less than half of what Office depot charges. They even beat wal-mart by over $10 per cartridge for my canon printer.

I bought a gpu card from their and they gave me advice to what would go best with my computer. I was'nt even going to buy a gpu but i wanted too, so they convinced my parents to buy it saying how it would make my overall speed faster.

Even on the phone, the Summit Sierra Apple store gets top scores from me. My mom and I bought a Macbook and software in-store from Nick, but this morning I.

I have purchased several tv's,phones,and one computer at best buy.I have literally asked hundreds of questions over the years. not even once have I been slighted or misled. I am extremely pleased with the knowledge and courtesy exhibited by the sales and service personnel.I remain a satisfied

What a nightmare! When we came in to pick up the PC/Monitor/Printer bundle that we paid for the day before. they only gave us the PC and said that we did not pay for the other items. After we straightened that out, we reviewed the receipt to double-check they items they charged us for. I expected

I did not enjoy a 16 yearold giving me an attitude about my computer. They took weeks to fix it. When I went in to find out why, they said that they did not have my computer!. I pointed to it, sitting in a corner, they had the gaull to tell me ti would be a WEEK! They had already had it for

I went to Best Buy to try to buy a cell phone charger for my car and they didn't have the one I needed. Therefore, they looked it up on their little.

All they have is OLD JUNK, that is priced at more than NEW. The sale people are not knowledgable. There is no selection. Do not waste your time or gas money going there.

A lot more space and less B.O. than the overzealous population at Fascist. Spent more time pricing software and related peripherals that I would purchase on.

Office Depot, great place, at least there are a few things for guys to check out, while the females are shopping next door at TJ Max! Service here sucks,.

They are always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done eariler. Never had a problem.

This was the first apple store in las vegas, and my favourite while i lived there. this has nothing to do with the fact that i worked there. listen, i'm.

This person below is obviously an idiot. If a computer is broke, do you expect someone to just automatically know what is wrong with it? Well do ya? They have to test it, should they do it for free and then tell you how much it will cost? I don't think they'd be in business very long because

PC Club has a great knowledgeable staff that will help you build any custom machine to suit your needs.

Some time ago, my computer crashed and I needed someone in Vegas to fix it. Normally, I would go to PC Club and get info to fix my computer myself, but they went out of business. I then went to Computer Center (Formally Computer Builder's Warehouse). After being dazzled by their slick sales

They actually do a good job but they can also be pricey.

Awesome store, one of the few kinds you will find in Las Vegas if not the only one. Compared to best buy Fry's blows it out of the water. This store has the.

GOOD!GOOD! I bought several workstations and servers from EPC. They have tons of computer equipment at great prices. Very easy to work with. Not many places in LV to get computer gear, I goto EPC.