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I really cannot thank Jaime enough. He saved me today by allowing me the opportunity to finish my report. His availability on a Sunday was absolutely crucial. You are a lifesaver!

Great Computer Service!

Computer was picked up at the specified time and was returned the next day. The power supply was replaced and the computer works again. Couldn't ask for more!

By far the cheapest local shop in the area. Faster than any corporation i.e. Best Buy. Unlike most stores they can clean almost every virus off your machine without reloading your operating system. They told me they have a 95% success rate with their removal process. Parts can be a little

Needed my computer cleaned out from years of use and that is what was done. Jamie performed a thorough cleaning of Windows and the actual computer case itself. He suggested I replace the case fan which I went ahead and did as per his advice. All in all I am very pleased.

Had him replace my screen on my netbook. Once the part was in stock I dropped my netbook off and it was done in a few hours. All in all I great service.

I had Jaime service my office computers over the weekend. He was prompt and his hourly rate I found to be very reasonable considering the amount of work he completed. All in all I would recommend him to anyone who needs their business computers maintained.

Service was great and was very flexible with my schedule.

Prices are excellent and the service is great. Jaime even took the time to show me how to perform some maintenance on my computer to prevent future problems.

Work was done as described and in a timely manner. Very good.

Honestly, this is the first time I have been pleased with a computer repair. Not only are Jaime's prices exceptional for the level of service he provides, his diagnostic fee is applied towards the necessary service. When I heard that a new hard drive installed would cost me $200, I thought

I called up Jamie last week to have him remove a virus on my pc. He picked up my pc and brought it back the next day clean and working like new. I was able to get back to work the very next day. He even showed me how to avoid another infestation. Great work!

When i brought my pc to Pete i was very frustrated because i had no idea why it stopped working and i couldn't get on the internet. The people there are very friendly, professional and quite efficient. They told me exactly what i would expect as far as a price, and told me that my pc would

Amazing service and very professional technicians. I have never been so pleased with service from a retail store and computer service center. Their pricing was very competitive as I shopped a couple other places in the area. I will only go The Inner Net Computer Store from now on, to be honest,

We were referred to by another partner and I was immediately impressed by the level of both technical skill sets and experience of the technicians. They were able to quickly understand all of our objectives for the project, so I was very confident that we would

Currently the closest Apple Store to my house. While there is something cool about buying Apple Gear from the Apple Store I find myself getting my iPods.

AWESOME!It's a little difficult to find right away.just look for the building with the Multiple Sclerosis group and drive into their parking lot.

This store has excellent service! I bought a DLP high definition TV from them for a bargain price. They threw in free delivery, free set up ( I didn't need it), and a 3 year payment program with a 10% off discount. The manager of that dept, was most helpful when I noticed a rainbowing effect

Great service,amazing deals and they're always there to help you even if they dont have the product.they'll tell you wher you can find it.I will always buy from them even if their price is a bit higher than other places because customer service to me is worth every dime.

This place rocks. The owner is very knowledgeable about computers and it doesn't matter if you are looking for a new computer or for repair, they can help you out.

Good selection of items, not great; but good. The service is top notch. They should forget about selling ovens. Stick to tech stuff only.

Very inexpensive, willing to help you anyway they can. Nice people.

Thank You very much Guyz, I love my Website Excellent job. Keep going.

I have been a customer of Real Time Consultants for 18 years so I am very familiar with them. They started out as a small, computer supplies company and have grown to become a first-rate sales and support organization. Their sales people are knowledgeable and friendly. They will work with you

I have been a client for Computer care for quiet sometime now. My name is Kaushal Thakkar. And i want very pleased with Computer Care's work. Thanx a lot

The sales people on the floor are not very pleasant. I had called up for my items which they had. I did that so I wouldn't have to wait but I waited any way and when sales person was on the phone I still had to wait another 15 minutes before I was taken care of. Again the person in electronic

Great Service! It Does Make The Difference! Friendly, Helpful, Spent A great Deal of time to explain everything.

I first met the parker family in march of 2006. In my experience with GEORGE AND TYREE, I found them to be courteous,knowledgeable, and very professional.Their backround and electronics upgrades were very gratifying to my family and our growing technical needs.I highly recommend PPSU to anyone

Very knowledgable people, curteous and helpful to people not computer literate. Everything explained to our understanding. If we didn't understand time was taken to explain the problem or application. We will recommend Data Doctors to everyone we know.

Excellent source for technical parts and components, tools too. Staff are electronics people, not just sales. I've shopped here for over 8 years, and have always come away satisfied. My first choice over any national chain.

Technicians have extensive knowledge on computers(PC&MAC). First of all, fast servicing time. (Usually 2days) Also, they double check and show you during pick up time whether the computer is properly working or not before taking home (which is good :-)). I know some other computer service centers

They are quick, honest, and reasonable! I just got my computer back from them and it is fixed! The first diagnosis was more memory, but after they got into it they recommended a new hard drive. how many companies would admit to you they were in- correct and not try to sell you both things?

Great store and super nice support staff. Always willing to help - never pushy and they always know what they are talking about. Super clean and organized.

Between Comp Usa, Best Buys, Office Max, and Staples Comp Usa stands alone on service Never have to waite to get help and the help seems more knowledgeable than the other stores.

Gr8 experience! My laptop froze and I thought I lost all my photos and documents and they saved all my stuff and its faster than ever now.

All Apple Stores are great as far as I'm concered, but this one is situated in a very nice outside mall, near real apple orchards.O.K. I admit it. I've.

A super group of people. Very helpful and pateint. They stand behind what they do.

We are a local business and needed a quick response from a local computer guy. His response was quick and friendly also a great deal for the money will definately call him again!

Best Buy is not always the best buy. I had a product that was broken (manufacture defect). I was instructed to return it to the store. They no longer carried the product and offered a comparible up to the price. Well the price was 79.99 and they only had something for 59.99 or 104.99. However,

Quality service and afforadable prices. I have been going to J&A computers for years and highly recomend them for all of your computer needs.

I have been dealing with Mark for around 20 years. 100% satisfied with his computers and repairs. Very honest man. Over the years many people have asked me where they can go for a good computer or repairs. My answer is always the same, MARKEWARE.

I have been using these folks for many year and they have provided unbelievable service. Nice to work with local people who know good equipment and back it up. a few years ago we bought an overhead tv projector. one of our kids was having a party on a saturday. the unit came in on friday and

New Update:I had sent this mail to Apple when I originally wrote it on 5/14. Apple finally figured it out. The store is WAY better now. I just went there.

This place is a dandy spot to figure out what to download next for your computer.

Great prices and quick service! i didn't actually go into the store, but i ordered my camera online from them. they had the best price and i had no problems.