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Jeannette in Customer Service is excellent. Very helpful in letting me exchange a camera beyond their standard 30 day return limit, and later she found me cel phone recharger cord which I'd accidentally included in the old camera box. Deserves a BIG raise! -Lee Kay

I bought a used eMac from them in October 2007. They even put a DVD player in it for my daughter. The machine works well and when I had a question about how to reset the password a few weeks later, they helped me out for free. Their prices are better than what I can get mail-order online, they

I know several people that have banned best buy based on the shopping expereince alone. The employee's are inexpereinced 16 years olds and dont know what there talking about 90% of the time. Im a computer tech and lemmie tell ya, I ask questions just to see how they will answer and they are

Have a look at some other review search, yelp. There are extreme views of this place. I for one, had to take my computer into manhattan, which I was trying to avoid having to do, because this place tried to jimmy a faulty cable with electrical tape and then return it to me claiming

I m very disappointed with best bay service!They suppose came today to fix my washer,and of course they cancelled with story that I make mistake.My due date is tomorrow and They now for that fact?We spend money for every product in house and what I should say now?Thank you!

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I had my Powerbook serviced by Apple just about a week ago.As usual, I made an appointment at the Genius Bar.Edward, the Apple Genius (TM) was really.

Just a Note: The bakery is actually called Maxin's Cafe, but the business listing hasn't been updated yet. Cakes are excellent! We had the Black Forest.

One of the best stores i have been to the employees are on the ball great shopping experience

What rating to give to this store? For some things, a 4-star and for others a 1-star. Here is the breakdown.Service: 1-star: Every time we come here,.

Ooh baby, heaven is a place on earthhhhhhhhhhhh glass breaks and babies cry

All our problems were fixed and the price was better than any of the large repair centers we called.

Very knowledgable people. Really did a very good job of servicing my computer.

They know what to do; and achieve all your goals in the most affordable they put a motherboard in my pc for under $30 and under an hour. This was canabalized but still new. that's an awesome repair bill.

A computer place you can love.I've been coming here for a few years now- they have a zillion different peripherals for your PC system- video cards, power.

I always bought brand-name cartridges for my Epson inkjet printer even though they cost a lot more, because I was afraid the quality of compatible ink cartridges would not be up to my clients? standards. Then I discovered Castle Ink's online store. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on

This is a great company for people that both know and don't know computers.

I purchased two Toshiba laptop computer systems from Best Buy on 11/23/2008. After getting home I noticed on my receipt there were 2 charges for computer optimizations at $39.99 each. I returned to the Best Buy location on 11/25/2008 and asked if these charged can be removed because I didn't

I took my computer to Laser National because I had several viruses causing my computer to crash completely. Laser National removed all the viruses and increased the performance making it run like a new system. I also found Laser National to have the best hourly rate I could find. I highly recommend

Zobes Computer Saved Me Money. I would say At Least $400! I could not believe the Great Service These Guys Provided with the affordable prices! I love My computer! Its SUPER FAST and it was Built To Last! I Highly Recommended this Company!

Mark at Puterology has kept my system up to date and running fast so that my ebay business has been a success.

Those who take their computers here are geniuses. The guys that work here know what they're doing and what they're talking about. Trust me, the owner is my husband.

Well I have to start first by saying I was very disappointed in this store, I am from brooklyn and I went to the best buy in bay pkwy first looking to buy a flat screen the one I chose was not in stock so I asked to sales find out what store carried it, he was on hold for about 20

Great service! Great quality! Great prices!

We continually had a hard time finding competent people to take care of our network. Thank God for Xperteks, their team were able to stabilize our systems and truly give us the virtual IT department we never thought we would get for a fixed monthly fee. Its absolutely amazing to work with Marcial

What a bunch of crap is! I'm giving it 1 star because the system won't let me give it zero stars.

I have been doing business with LaserTone for about seven or eight years now. Jeff and his employees are top notch and their service is outstanding. Jeff is a hands on owner. Nine times out of ten, he is the one delivering the supplies to your door or servicing a machine. I have never had a

This place is amazing. I mean, it's an Apple Store, so you know what you're gonna get. But the people astound me every time. I dropped my busted laptop off.

Your complete store for musical equipment and guitars.I always go there with the intention of trying out a few guitars but always end up staying for a few.

A satellite store of the main shop on N.6th, complete with ping pong table, Mac gear, audio, video, guitar and any other conceivable cable, CDs, paper,.

Excellent customer service. Dan is a great guy that does honest work. After buying 10 laptops from the Telergy auction, Dan helped with the maintenance and helped with all my questions, comments and concerns. A rare business in today's world. Alex C. Ocala, FL

I didn't realize that this was open 24 hours. I just wanted to walk down those acrylic or glass stairs. Its crowded but not uncomfortably so. Security.

Okay, so I have no idea what the grumpy reviewer before me, Megan H. was talking about - this is the coolest, awesomest store out there. From high-end.

SCAM.There is a 15% restocking fee in addition to you shipping and handling (which isn't refundable) no matter what, plus you have to flip the bill to send the item back if you don't wish to keep it which adds up to even MORE MONEY YOU LOOSE. It's not worth saving a couple dollars and gambling

Great service - they recovered everything I had off a hard drive that was dying. Cost me over 300 dollars, but the data was priceless.Super friendly,.

This is technically an Apple-repair and retail store, but if anything can console you for your broken laptop, this place will. The staff is friendly, the.

I walked by this small computer shop a number of times, but fortunately remembered it when I needed to get ahold of some hard drive stuff on short notice.

Everything you never knew you needed from japan.(which for me included minty eyedrops, a scanning pen that reproduced my drawings with persistence of.

My friend E likes to tease me about being so outrageous and out of control. As in he jokes that a wild and crazy time for me includes things like the third.

This store, web site is great, they have very good customer service and excellent prices. their slogan advertisement is You Go To B&H

The previous review was obviously done by the store owner himself. AVOID THIS PLACE! They sold me a digital camera that they claimed was the latest and greatest and included a case and 1g memory card. When I did some homework online, I discovered at least 15 other places that had the same camera

Their technicians are excellent, informative and honest.