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This place is the worst place to get anything serviced. I took my computer there and I had the worse customer service. I had to call the cops to get my computer back. When the cops showed up they said it wasn't the first time they were called by a customer for bad service.

The new iTouch came out for $70 cheaper and they refunded us within our return period plus tax! Apple officially rules. And Damien dyed his dreadlocks fire.

This guys charge an arm an a leg for service that honestly is not worth that much to do. They over charge on computers (refurb at that too). In general, I always advise people to not shop there as they will be just wasting their money. These guys should be ashamed of themselves.

Http://www.apcc.com/index.cfmThis corporation has saved me from a lot of agony over the years. They've also extended the life of nearly every computer.

They have a great selection of APC, HP and a variety of other products and are very knowledgeable about the products. Great service!