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I cannot overstate how atrocious the customer service was at Dr. Laptop/Dr. Cellphone. I will NEVER take my business to them again. They did NOTHING but waste my time and then acted like it was someone else to blame. DO NOT GO HERE.

This past Friday, was in a meeting...and luck would have it, phone dropped and the crack took over the whole screen, none of the touch sensors work. What to do, what to do. I first called Friday, to setup an appt. on that following Monday, but my schedule for Sunday allowed me to bring it

The home button on my 3G was not working. I need it to last another few months until the 5th gen comes out. I called and was quoted $79 to replace it. I dropped in and she took the phone and started working on it immediately. About 15 min later, she came out and told me the button still did

My Macbook screen cracked after the laptop fell from about 3 feet from the reading desk in library. I was still able to use the laptop but just looked like outer glass was shattered completely. Took it to Dr. Laptop and got the screen replaced in less than an hour. Awsome laptop repair place!!

These guys really know everything there is to know about computers. They are able to answer any technical question you may have. There prices are extremely affordable, and the service is great. They can fix any computer problem, install/upgrade, order parts, virus removal, and FREE DIAGNOSIS.

My HP Pavallion laptop accidentally dropped from my desk when i was trying to pull the cable off, that was the only laptop i had. The screen shattered into pieces, though it turned on but i couldn't see anything on the screen. I was searching for laptop repair in Dallas and found Dr. Laptop

I have taken my mac book to Dr. Laptop for repair, the screen was completely shattered into pieces, and the display was kind of fuzzy with lines running across. Dr. Laptop replaced the screen for half the price that Apple charges and it looked brand new again!! Great Service would definitely

I wouldn't take my computers anywhere else now. I trust them with anything. They have upgraded a laptop that I thought was too old: it runs great! We have bought laptops and printers there too for a very reasonable price. Now my whole family uses Rodi. Above all, he is very honest. If he can

Not informative, several times coming into shop people yelling at each other. "Family Business" not very professional - never go there again.

My HP computer was slow. I called these guys, and David came out and really helped me out. Turned out I had a virus! Scary stuff. He got rid of it and updated my computer. It's a lot faster now and I can get on the web. He was only here an hour and a half. Much less than the Geek Squad

Stay away from this place. Doesn't look anything like their pc web site. Employees are straight out of tech school with no social skills. Took a computer in for virus repair and they lost data. Said oops sorry no refund. Just watch tv add, the two guys look like they could fix the chain on

These guys are awsome! I have taken my computer to different stores, and even IT persons to have gotten riped off! I took it to them! At a reasonal price, they fixed all my problems! And fast! Now if I have a problem, all I have to do is pickup the phone and give them a call, or better yet

Store Pickup service was awesome. Walked in gave my ticket to customer service and my product was brought right out. Special thanks to Daniel G. for his wonderful service.

Very good service.answers all questions throughly. Seems as if they have actually been taught the meaning of customer service. Pleasure doing business with them. It was worth my drive from Plano.

If you ever wonder where is the Twilight Zone, it's here. But some real cool folks. Just Austin Weird.

I've been there twice. The people are nice, but out of the two times I went I had to approach the clerk for help. The selection of computer accessories is small. The prices were a little steep. I went there looking for 1GB of DDR RAM, all they had was 512 and it was 10 dollars more expensive

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We finally have a TV! 2/19 We called in for repair. 2/20 Tech went to our home-parts will be in within 3 to 4 days. Back on on 2/27. 2/27 Tech no show. called best buy were asked what he was wearing. no results. Called 800#-Parts back ordered. Should have them

Horrible customer service.when calling it takes a act of congree to get someone to answer the phone.never will use this place again.their web site says the will answer all complaints.it has been almost 2 weeks and still no one has contacted me

I absolutley hate some blond guy who works at the geek squad place. he is so stupid. He dosent know about iPod warranty for anything, and I hate it that they always make me show my id for them even though i'm there every week because they fail to fix my computer. Worst of all, I sent it in

Dr. Ashton (there are several of them as brothers, but I believe the gentleman's name at this location is Ivan) has great service in his office. I've been to a few other foot doctor's offices, and they were not quite as impressive as Dr. Ashton's practice.

Why does this store offer warranty if they are not going to honor it. This store sells u a warranty for a procudct and then u take the product back to them becuase there is somthing wrong with it and they cime out with a buch of bs syaing they have to pay a fee in order for them to fix it.

I purchased an Hp notebook(after 30 min of waiting for a 14 year old salesboy to help me and try to sell me every possible service imaginable), only to find out the display was defective. When I go to explain to a rep about my concern she just said Oh that's it. I asked what they were going

I bought a washer and dryer from this store. at first everything was good. Then they made a mistake with the order and they started to act like idiots they delay the delivery. When I tried to call the store I have been put on hold for several several times without answer. I think Best Buy should

This store had several shelves of PS2 games signed for $19.99 or less, but refused to sell at least one of them for that price. The manager was extremely rude. I called the customer care line about it (customer care is a joke for them), and was told that the sign was for a particular gmae,

We just bought a 32 Westinghouse LCHD and had no problems even though the place was a jungle. Lots of people and lots of clerks. I don't like to wait and didn't have to in this case. I don't work there and wouldn't because of the noise but we had good service and a great price!

Altex is the place to go for Home Theater - Media Cables. Don't get swindled into buying Monster Cables at your local Best Buy, etc. You will be able to.

I called to ask about a very specifc CD and the guy I talked to was super helpful. He couldn't find it in the store, but checked the warehouse and a coworker helped him dig through everything and they found it. I don't remember his name, but he was very nice, very polite and helped me immensely.

We sold our old laptop to them and got cash for it. We also bought a computer for our daughter in a great price. We love their services.

WORST, WORST Best Buy Store I have ever shopped at, and we have shopped at Best Buy stores for over 15yrs. The Store Manager has the worst attitude and would not honor sale price CLEARLY printed and showed to him off their website! I even got Customer Relations Involved and still they would

They will not answer their phone. no one to ask a simple question. with driving all the way to the store.

For those who need and dont want to do much work and save some money when getting electronics. Get ads from other companies that are local. Best Buy.

We also went to Best buy with our computer and had a nightmare exsperence. They treated us like we were stupid. When we didn't buy the extended warranty they didn't like that at all. The Geeksquad gave me wrong imformation to begin with. They didn't want to fix my computer they just wanted

While the owners seem nice, the ability of this company and it's staff to follow-up or provide a reasonable level of customer service is lacking. On more than one occassion hardware work I've had them do has been sub-par at best and has always required a second visit to correct. Needless to

I would like to thank Kingsley, Moy and Eric - all of the TV department for their great help in assisting me to (almost) purchase a TV. I say almost because in the end I did not. My wife is on dialysis 3 times a week and between the clinic and bed, she watches a lot of TV. It died today and

Salesmen helped me pick out a GPS and that I could try it out for a certain number of days. If I didn't like it I could bring it back, for a full refund. When I did return it the next day they charged me for restocking. I told them the salesman said it was a trial period and said nothing about

Owner is very mean spirited. horrible experience. check with BBB on all of their locations in the midcities before using them. enter at your own risk. wont let me enter 0 stars. 1 star with awful rating is still too high.

I just had CD player installed in my car here. Watch out for the young cats in the installation department though - they got jokes? - had a 5 o Clock appointment, but didnt get to it until an hour later; I ended up waiting a whole 2 hours - after two hours of waiting, they claimed that my car

Very slow. Stood waiting for 10 minutes. No one came over. As a matter of fact, no one was around. A manager, or looked to be a manage,r passed me by and asked, How's it going and kept walking. Finally someone, unprofessional, came up and tried to help me. I finally left empty handed.

I took my 'DEAD' Laptop to two other local stores. They both told me my laptop was beyond repair and tried to sell me another one. So I took it to TRUE-NET and it was fixed it in 4 days! AND they recovered my lost data! AND explained in simple words what was wrong. AND took the time to help

I had a lptop computer that had lost power and wouldn't turn on or charge the battery unless I held the power cord to the side. I took it to. Lets just say the store is part of a National Retail Chain. (They like the colors blue and yellow.) Anyway, they told me that my mother board was bad

Lol Micheal, well the genious bar in San Francisco is far different. The store looks the same here in Southlake as all the rest, but the difference was that.

Great little company, offering wide range of computer services. Sure this is a small town, but that doesn't mean that the service is small time. Great people to deal with, willing to answer questions if you have them, fair prices on repair work, tailored well to the community, not like what

I have been trading with Steve for about a year now and would gladly recommend his work to anybody.He is very conscientous and easy to get along with and understand.Don't be afraid to let Steve have a good look at your computer.

You know, closer to christmas i would have thought this place would have been crazy, but it wasn't, nice, cool, calm, quiet place to shop for computer stuff. prices are somewhat reasonable. but the service could be better, still a teenager place to work apparently. best way to do it is online,

Www.quasarfinance.com is an excellent Website for military and federal employees.

Office Depot is not exciting and not sexy and really not worth mentioning (even if you go there once a week like I do). BUT the staff at this location (and.

Your gonna like this place!. I had just left one of their sister locations on W Little York road where I actually received my initial oil change, if that.

I could go broke in this store very quickly. I am a big Apple fan. It's like crack to me. Whenever they release something new, I want it. I am not sure.

I don't think they have much of a selection. Three stars because they're staff was nice and said hello when i walked in the door.

So here goes the story.A long time ago I saved up my minimal dough and bought myself a used ( but super sexy) Dell laptop at Discount. I was scared. Asked.