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This place was NOT what I expected! I have read several articles on the web about these guys and I was actually blown away about how they conduct business. They have the cleanest computer shop I have ever seen! The staff and owner makes you feel like you are a person and not a number... while

Another tech had said that windows was corrupt on my laptop, but these guys were able to help me with out reinstalling and losing everything. Thanks guys!

They were able to reinstall windows and save all of my info - what a life savor!!

They helped me out with my sluggish laptop. They upgraded me to windows 7 and were able to keep all of my old files and pictures. Thank you!

I had my laptop's power jack fixed and back to me within a few hours. These guys are great!

Nehemiah cares about his customer(s) and makes sure that his customer(s) gets the very best computer service(s) and computer repair(s) "QUICKLY"!!" He goes out of his way to assist you in any way that he can. His prices are very fair and he works with you on his pricing for all of your computer

They have very good customer services they tell you what you need and that's it. Honest and affortable.

Great selection, great service, but I don't like the fact that everyone in the store is always following you around on your heels like you are going to steal something. They make it painfully obvious that they are doing some loss control exercise when they don't have a customer. Three different

Now if you are on this side of town or just happen to be driving through, you have gotta stop here and check it out. They have any and everything that you can think of in computer equipment. They sell everything from Atari to Xbox stuff. The prices are great.They have a wonderful staff, friendly

I had the most frustrating experience at Best Buy. First the phone just rings and rings it seems no one ever answers. I went to pick up my computer since it was ready and was there for over 45 minutes because they had a computer glitch. They made arrangements for the Geek Squad to come out

Being huge into computers, I've always been of the opinion that most people just don't need that much horsepower. Not for email, basic word processing and.

Built to order computers-systemax and Micron/MCP: You get what you order and it comes straight from the factory!

Your best bet is going to the store yourself. forget trying to get someone on the phone to help you. they never answer.

Something like mall store for designer clothing meets electronics. Spiffy looking place, good service, and an outstanding product. Can get a bit crowded.

Great place, but I bet they were tired of me calling them so often to check the status of my computer. My computer had the following problems: speakers didn't work, green lines on screen. Took my computer in and got it back about 3 weeks later (the wait was for toshiba to send them the necessary

This letter of commendation is provided to Geeks & Wireless to acknowledge their superior customer service, excellent technical competence and professionlism. I have been a customer of Geeks & Wireless for the past four years and can state without hesitation that their technical competence

Man, they are so cheap. better then newegg for sure. and its local! awesome.

Fast service, good customer service. Thanks again

I thoroughly LOVE this site. I've bought all sorts of t-shirts from these people, and I've been pleased with the result every single time. The packages.

Their prices are good and they seem to know what they are talking about. I get all my parts there. Had a bad memory module after running the machine for a few years and they replaced the memory free of charge.

Graham is very knowledgeable, professional, and affrodable! He has fixed our 13 year old pioneer tv twice now for different problems.and we will continue to seek his help for further occurances!

Good, friendly and attentive staff; both in person and over the phone. A small home-town feel to the store, but they've been able to assist with obtaining items quickly.

GOOD PLACE TO BE Is a Company close to the Subway. Not bad office.

I'm not the average buyer and kind of a 'pro user' with nearly a dozen Macs right now at work and about six at home. I rarely use the Genius bars though I.

Excellent company to work for. Delivers excellent Management Consulting and IT Services to the Federal Government.

Today, 1-21-08, I went to Best Buy(on Koger Center Dr.) with the intention of buying a TV. After waiting 30 minutes for the salesman to finish helping another customer, I asked the salesman how long it would be before he could help me. His response was This guy drove an hour and a half to get

I just found out about MicroCenter recently from a fellow photographer, when I asked him where he bought his color calibrator for his monitor. When he said.

Apple certainly gets plenty of mileage out of their commercials and good tech reviews. But right up there with them is their employees. They are as good.

I've been to this Office Depot a number of times over the years - to pick up all of the generic office supply stuff that one needs: pens and pencils,.

I've been here twice now since the newest Apple Store in Virginia opened. It's a nice place to go for Apple products, and it's in Fair Oaks Mall! Which is.