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This guy has had my laptop for 4/25/11. His name is Rayan and will not return any call and I feel like he scammed me out of my laptop. And now he change his phone number.

Okay.this place is chaotic, with tons of people crawling up each other's butts.very confusing nutty atmosphere. I spent my time bitching and moaning.

Very nice store! There are some fine ladies that work there too! All the employees are really helpful and polite! I will definitely continue to shop there!

Close to my house, nice saleman, good price. good store in my neighboorhood! Keep it up!

These guys were excellent, very knowledgeable, and great prices. Highly recommded!

I decided to modify the car alarm installed in my car. So, I was looking for a place where I could buy all necessary relays, harnesses, wires, connectors, small switches, iron and other tools and parts (I must say that I am pretty picky about all these things since I have a real experience

Hmmm. What can I say. It's boring shopping for office supplies and this place doesn't help any. That being said, I won't hold that against this place.

In general very good prices, staff is helpful, make sure you check around before buying anything, but in my opinion way better price wise than re-pc

Good service: This guy saved me tons of money after I lost everything on my hard drive. Not only he recovered my data but he restored my computer to the way it was before. I am a very very happy customer. All that for only $500, I shopped around and I was quoted from other companies $800,1200,

Great service! our company uses them all the time! prices are reasonable as well! obviously you can't make everyone happy(see nasty comment below). they were probably mad when they came in, or, they are just mean period! for them to be the only ones not happy, then you know it's the person

Although I am an office supply nerd, there is no way I would normally write a review of an office supply store. Even I know that much. But my recent trip.

Hey yeah so they have website www.fbelectronics.com i bought my lap top there great site to buy stuff get what advertized thank you guys

For years I'd been buying 'out of the box' computers. This year I tried something different and got a system built by OCC for my son. He likes to game, and it's hard to keep up with the newest tech stuff for him. He got a great system, relatively cheaply, and the best news is they'll upgrade

I have been to almost every so called laptop repair center in kitsap county including Best Buy and A1 computers. No one holds a candle to the technicians at Northwest Computers. I was so impressed with the level of knowledge and care when my laptop was repaired that I have now brought in my

Great place except everyone and there mother comes here. Don't go here on Sundays. Love it though.

I brought my computer in after another place fixed my computer. They were able to diagnose the issue and had my computer back to me when they said they would. I am very happy with them!

I usually say that there's basic customer service skills lacking with todays retailers. You know what I'm talking about. You go to a store to buy.

My wife recently just bought a computer tower, monitor, keyboard, and mouse under the price of $350. A great place to go if you and your family is look'n for an inexpensive computer. Great Service!

It is really one of the site map found compare to other sites. I like the system it is disgned to find the location and the place which we are looking for. Thanks.

If you have ever been to Ray's then you know that he would never hold up a computer. He bends over backwards to get thing done and to make people happy. Mike Always happy with Ray's work

I always go here first. Paul and crew are great members of this community.

Looking for an Apple store in Redmond, and don't want to drive to one in Bellevue, Seattle, or Tukwila? This little establishment at the Redmond Town Center.

I am extremely disappointed in their service. My first experience was with a repair man that kept trying to sell me more products instead of fixing the problems with the computer. I finally talk to Gary Marks, who promises me great customer service and he will handle my problems. My computer

The website can be intimidating, but trust me you don't need to know much about computers to get a great deal from these guys. I've bought my last 3.

I hereby offer a challenge to you all. I will give a shiny nickel to the first person to report that they went to this Office Depot and got a staff member.

I have to say, after working for various video game companies over the years (Microsoft, Zombie, Crystal Dynamics, Snowblind Studios), coming here has.

This is the kind of bookstore you can spend a whole day in, and then some.The espresso is excellent, the book and discount book selections are fantastic.

Personaly I think this is a great computer retail/service store. Right away I will agree with some of the other reviewers that they don't have the largest.

(+)(A) convenient downtown location at 4th Avenue between Union & Pike(B) delivery service, free with a minimum purchase of $50 or thereabouts(C) a.

Computers, gaming geeks and blue, non-glare lights.sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. Its a 'gamers' heaven. No nagging parents or siblings, no.

You walk in and it's like the apocalypse has come leaving the remaining few to scavenge for the remnants of technology. In other words, a hobo paradise.