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I would recommend this place to everyone. I brought my computer to these guys and they had it fixed same day. They had amazing service and many recommendations and helpful tips to prevent future issues.

Fixed my pc.

They did a great job and took time to explain everything. Even put a free antivirius and spyware program on my computer. They where affordable and service was first class. Thanks!

They lost all of my data! Period! And they still charged me FULL PRICE! And when I asked to speak with the owner he blamed me for not having my own backups! The worst thing is I was just looking for ways to speed things up some, there really wasn't anything really wrong before I brought it

I blew up my imac G5 while transferring files using a fire wire. totally destroyed. i took the new imac to the apple store and this very kind man, while also helping 2 other customers, rebooted the system and i left with my computer back to its original status. what a relief. my wife was ready

The people at Get It Now worked with me to get me financing, then when I was late with a few payments. They were great! I will shop there again!

I just called Camera Corner to see if they had a battery pack for my camcorder. He called back, said they didn't, but then suggested I tried Batteries Plus. and they had one! (I would have never thought of Batteries Plus, didn't really even know there was such a thing). I think that is AWESOME

Sometimes they try to help you as much as they can. But, there is an employee that shouldn't be dealing with the public. He's a rude bas%&#! Look out for the insurance that they try to sell you!

Vulture who make you paid first b4 service is render, not to your satisfaction!

Do you have TV converter box in stock? Can we order one and pick it up?The rating is excellant

Not only have I dealt with this place myself and found the owner to be very rude, but I have also re-repaired computers they this place so called fixed. I would go here if you paid me. The shop is cluttered and very diorganized, hardly a professional place of business. Stay away from Computer

Stateline computer exchange builds, sells, and trades computers and they are quite awesome. I would know because I bought one myself from there and right now as of December 28th, 2007, they are selling a computer called the Bling Box and it is great. The box is see through and has purple neon

I have made many purchases at Get It Now and have been pleased every time. The staff is highly trained, pleasant and caring. Stop in and see for yourself!

Ever since, I bought my computer from them 5 yrs ago, it has been running well and I am very happy with it. The service and courtesy shown by Jaguar Computers and Technology systems when I call with a question are great. They answer my questions promptly. Jaguar Computers & Technology systems

Geared mainly for corporate clients, this service oriented company provides outstanding technical support. As more and more companies reduce the quality of technical support they provide, Mi-Computer has stepped up to the plate.

I love the great service we get at our Shawano WI store! Especially from our favorite rep., Chris. He's gone above and beyond to accomodate our needs. The delivery people have also been very curteous and respectful of our home when they deliver.

Super nice people. Real good service and they are very much in to customer service. Prices are the best I have seen.

I got my stereo installed and they did a good job. I had an appointment and they were able to get me out of there in less than an hour. Highly recommend

Pc-com knew exactly what was wrong with my computer. They were able to find and fix the problem just like that. The price was right too.

Excellent Location, Service and selection

I'm going to start the 12 step process now. My name is Jon. and I am a Mac addict.Since I do love Macs so much. of course I love the Apple Store,.

I have had only good experiences at this Office Depot and at Office Depot in general, and so this is not meant to be an indictment of Office Depot (to whom.

Probably one of the best computer stores in the country. becoming a home town giant.I've bought computers from them over the years and they were very fair.

Getting it Now is something that may be too good. All I can say is beware of the electronics that these stores carry. A Sony Vaio NR430E/L Laptop is sold here for $1,439.95. The same computer is sold at Best Buy for $599.00 and is under $900 at any other retailer. You can understand a overall

In August, I went in to the Pewaukee showroom looking for two very simple end tables. I found what I was looking for right away without assistance so then I had to look around for someone to help me with my order. I was finally able to track someone down and he asked me to step over to the